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About the faculty

Addressing important challenges in healthcare

A truly multidisciplinary environment for education and research. We are committed to continually optimising our programs to ensure our medical and health disciplines are best positioned to address the important challenges of 21st-century healthcare.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health brings together the areas of dentistry, medicine, medical sciences, nursing and midwifery, pharmacy and public health to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to solving modern day healthcare problems.

By integrating the best minds and resources from our schools, clinical schools, disciplines and research bodies, the newly formed Faculty of Medicine and Health is designed to harness collaboration and translate research into education and clinical practice.

Artist impression of the Susan Wakil Health Building due to be completed in 2020

The Susan Wakil Health Building will be the main building within the new Health Precinct. See video preview

Construction of the faculty's integrated health precinct is due to be complete in 2020. For the first time multiple health disciplines will come together to harness greater collaboration between all health areas, enabling us to deliver better care to millions of people.

Learn with us. Work with us. Change the future of health with us.