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Aerial view of the Quadrangle showing the Clocktower and Great Hall.


The Nicholson Museum is wheelchair accessible
Mobility access is through the Clocktower and Science Road entrances to the Quadrangle. There are multiple mobility parking options, and a safe drop-off area. Accessible bathrooms are also available.

The best options for accessible parking are the two accessible carparks outside the museum, in the parking area at the southern end of the Quadrangle accessed from University Place.

If these spots are taken by other visitors, comparable parking is available where Science Road meets the Great Hall, accessed from the western side of Science Road (not from University Place).

We recommend patrons using wheelchairs do not use the Law School carpark, as there is no fast and direct access to the Nicholson Museum from this area.

Parking on University grounds is free to all patrons displaying a current Mobility Parking Scheme card, previously known as a Disabled Parking Permit.

If you require wheelchair access to public events or lectures at the Nicholson Museum, please inform the front desk staff when purchasing your tickets so that appropriate seating can be arranged.

If you are entering from the eastern side of the Quadrangle (University Place/the Front Lawns), please use the entrance under the Clocktower.

The Quadrangle is also wheelchair accessible from the northern side's main entrance (from Science Road).

Once you've entered the Quadrangle, please use the internal paths through the lawns. The cloisters and paths around the interior perimeter of the Quadrangle are not wheelchair accessible.

The Nicholson Museum is located at the southern end of the Quadrangle (adjacent to Manning Road) through the double doors.

The unisex accessible toilet is located near the main northern entrance (from Science Road) of the Quadrangle.

For further details, please use our interactive campus map and select "Accessible/unisex toilets" under amenities.