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Four students in a lecture theatre who are holding sheet music and pens
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Learn the art of composition and find your musical voice
Are you an ambitious and original composer? Learn from some of Australia’s leading composers and access exceptional performers and facilities.

We are teaching the next generation of creative leaders in the classical and art music traditions.

Creating new music is a vital part of studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

You will learn all facets of musical composition, and we will support you to specialise and create ambitious individual work.

We offer plenty of opportunities to have your work performed. The Bachelor of Music (Composition) offers study in both traditional instrumental and electroacoustic music, including sound art, digital music and computer music.

You will receive individual lessons along with studies in:

  • compositional techniques and analysis
  • music technology skills
  • music theory and aural training
  • historical and cultural studies.

You will also have access to diverse electives across the University of Sydney.

Why study composition with us?

  • Study with some of Australia’s most gifted and widely recognised composers, working across instrumental, vocal, electronic and electroacoustic music.
  • Learn composition in a nurturing community with ample opportunity to perform their work.
  • Gain exclusive access to composition opportunities in the professional arts industry.

Who can I study composition with?

  • Dr Damien Ricketson, Senior Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology, Program Leader Bachelor of Music (Composition)
  • Professor Matthew Hindson AM, Deputy Head of School, Deputy Dean, Associate Dean (Education)
  • Professor Liza Lim, Composition
  • Emeritus Professor Anne Boyd AM, Composition
  • Adjunct Professor Ross Edwards AM, Composition
  • Associate Professor Michael Smetanin, Composition
  • Associate Professor Paul Stanhope, Composition
  • Mr Carl Vine AO, Senior Lecturer in Composition
  • Dr Ivan Zavada, Senior Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology
  • Dr Daniel Blinkhorn, Academic Fellow in Composition and Music Technology
  • Dr Benjamin Carey, Academic Fellow in Composition and Music Technology
  • Ms Judith Bailey, Casual Lecturer in Jazz Piano and Composition
  • Dr Damien Barbeler, Casual Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology
  • Dr Gerard Brophy, Casual Lecturer in Composition
  • Dr Ursula Caporali, Casual Lecturer in Composition
  • Mr Tristan Coelho, Casual Lecturer in Composition
  • Dr Amanda Cole, Casual Lecturer in Creative Music
  • Ms Jessica Wells, Casual Lecturer in Composition

What are my study options with composition?

Where composition can take you

  • art music composer
  • concert music composer
  • electroacoustic music composer
  • arts curator
  • artistic director
  • music researcher
  • composition teacher

Alexis Weaver

Master of Music (Composition) student Alexis Weaver with one of the instruments in her frog percussion
Master of Music (Composition)
“Electroacoustic composition is an area I didn't even know existed before I began my studies at the Con. The music technology department opened my eyes to a new world of sound creation. Their passion and dedication to their craft has inspired me.”
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