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Student wearing headphones sits at a monitor learning to create digital music
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Digital music and media

Create electronic music for new media and technologies
Learn to write music for online games, sound installations and video projections in studios that offer the latest in music technology.

What is digital music and media?

Music is evolving rapidly in the digital age. Our digital music and media program is aimed at musicians who like to compose straight onto their computers, phones or tablets.

If you’re keen to explore making music for new media and technologies or learning to write music for apps and online games, this program is ideal. You’ll develop skills in composing, manipulating and recording sound to create original soundscapes, and you’ll gain an understanding of the role of music on social networks and websites. We’ll also consider music in context through critical approaches and cultural studies.

Why study digital music and media with us?

Not only will you meet likeminded musicians and expand your musical horizons, you'll:

  • learn from diverse and leading practitioners in the field of digital music
  • immerse yourself in our studios featuring the latest in music technology
  • have the flexibility to combine your music studies with other subjects
  • choose from a wide range of up-to-the-minute electives
  • graduate career-ready with finely tuned technical skills
  • study at both the Conservatorium and the University’s Camperdown Campus
  • collaborate with musicians online through international network opportunities.

Who can I study digital music and media with?

  • Dr Damien Ricketson, Senior Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology; Program Leader, Bachelor of Music (Composition)
  • Dr Ivan Zavada, Senior Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology
  • Dr Daniel Blinkhorn, Academic Fellow in Composition and Music Technology
  • Dr Benjamin Carey, Academic Fellow in Composition and Music Technology
  • Dr Damien Barbeler, Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology

What are my study options with digital music and media?

Where digital music and media can take you

Whether you decide to conduct further research, specialise or diversify, this degree leads to various careers, including:

  • digital content creator
  • interactive music designer (for example, music for apps and online games)
  • digital music composer for film and screen-based media
  • sound designer
  • sound installation designer
  • digital music composer for theatre, dance, galleries and multimedia
  • music software designer
  • event producer