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Photo of architecture students working on a model building.

Building new opportunities in architecture

28 September 2015
Learn about architecture's role in transformative change

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have a unique chance to study and begin their career at the University of Sydney under a new scholarship-to-work initiative.

Architecture student with a building model

The Leadership Scholarship in Architecture includes a three-year fully funded undergraduate degree, a dedicated mentoring program, and work placement with the University's Campus Infrastructure and Services (CIS) unit.

Professor of Architecture Michael Tawa hopes the scholarship will enable the recipient to work successfully within the profession and become an advocate for more students to pursue a meaningful career in architecture.

"Students who want to make an impact in the community tend to go for areas like law and medicine, but we believe that architecture can also make a transformative change in culture," he explained.

"I hope this scholarship is the beginning of attracting more Aboriginal students who can bring a different perspective into the practice. It's a very small step, but it's a beginning." 

The scholarship supports the University's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Integrated Strategy Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu and is offered through a joint collaboration between CIS and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

"We're offering a complete support framework for a student to study and then have a ‘heads up' into a profession," explained Greg Robinson, Director CIS. "Our work in CIS encompasses planning, development and maintenance, so we can give an emerging architect a wide range of experiences, and really set her or him up for their future career."

Applications are open until 16 January 2016.

Find out more and apply.

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