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29 January 2016

Better psychological support needed for families affected by Sudden Cardiac Death

Families need psychological support as early as possible after a sudden death  

29 January 2016

A disarming lesson from the Pacific

America's epidemic of gun violence has seen both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wondering aloud if Australia might have part of the answer. But there's much more to this for the Asia-Pacific region than a brief, doomed flicker in the US election debate.

29 January 2016

Octopuses shed their asocial reputation

Octopuses are generally viewed as solitary creatures who change colour to hide from predators. Researchers have found octopuses do have a social life – and it’s not without drama. 

28 January 2016

Shifting public opinion towards the monarchy in Australia

Support for the monarchy in Australia is at its highest level since the 1990s thanks to the arrival of new royal family members and a declining number and frequency of royal scandals, new research reveals.

28 January 2016

Finger tracing can lift student performance in maths

Sydney schoolkids who used finger tracing fared better with previously unseen geometry and algebra questions, new research has found. 

28 January 2016

Does Zika virus pose a threat to Australia?

The emergence of a little-known virus, Zika, from an African forest, is the latest to alarm the public, politicians and health authorities because of its potential link to birth defects, writes Cameron Webb.

26 January 2016

University of Sydney community honoured on Australia Day

Members of the University of Sydney community have been acknowledged for their influence on Australian society in the Australia Day 2016 Honours List.

26 January 2016

Global nitrogen footprint mapped for first time

The first-ever global nitrogen footprint modelling has found the United States, China, India and Brazil are responsible for 46 percent of the world's nitrogen emissions.

22 January 2016

Xi Jinping's global cyber vision

China's move towards "cyber sovereignty" should be seen as nothing less than a bold push to re-shape the global contours of cyberspace in the nation's favour, writes Stephenie Andal.

22 January 2016

International exchange gives the Asian street vendor shelter a design makeover

The humble street vendor cart and shelter that lines the streets of many Asian cities and is a key driver of local economies will get a design makeover by Australian and Indonesian architecture students this month.