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2020: all news


17 February 2020

Fatal Woman, The Origin of Evil, and other tantalising tales

They may sell for 30 cents at the local op shop, but classic crime books - especially their cover art - warrant appreciation. Criminologist and artist Dr Carolyn McKay outlines their appeal.
17 February 2020

Insufficient evidence backing herbal medicines for weight loss

Researchers from the University of Sydney have conducted the first global review of herbal medicines for weight loss in 19 years, finding insufficient evidence to recommend any current treatments.
17 February 2020

Scientists unlock low-cost material to shape light for industry

Crystal materials used in solar cells have been discovered to be cheaper alternatives to manipulate laser light with potential application in telecommunications, medical diagnostics and consumer electronics.
14 February 2020

Statement following the loss of student George Yuhan Lin

On behalf of University of Sydney staff and students, Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence expressed his condolences, following the tragic death of student George Yuhan Lin in a road incident earlier this week.
14 February 2020

Grants awarded to power green schemes

The University of Sydney has been announced as a joint recipient of almost $10 million in Cooperative Research Centre Projects grants for projects that aim to power the green economy.
13 February 2020

Instant prescriptions: we need to manage the risks

Instant prescriptions might be the way of our digital future, but we need to manage the risks first, write academics from our Faculty of Medicine and Health.
13 February 2020

$3.75m awarded to transform the way ovarian cancer is treated

The Cancer Council of NSW has awarded its annual Translational Program Grant to a Sydney-led project aiming to match ovarian cancer patients with the treatment or clinical trial most likely to work for their cancer subtype.
11 February 2020

Too cute to cull? When public opinion and scientific advice clash

Controlling feral animals and their impact on our environment and native animals can hit a snag when the public regard them as 'loveable'. How can governments get people on board with the science?
11 February 2020

'Rule breaking' plants may be climate change survivors

Plants that break some of the 'rules' of ecology by adapting in unconventional ways may have a higher chance of surviving climate change, according to new research.
11 February 2020

Strength training can help protect the brain from degeneration

For the first time, an intervention - lifting weights - has been able to slow and even halt degeneration, over a long period, in brain areas particularly vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease.