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12 April 2018

The case for decriminalising drug use

Can drugs be used responsibly? Will Tregoning says yes, and that many people do just that. Advocating to end discrimination around drug use, Tregoning says in this opinion piece that people often hear prejudice rather than facts.
10 April 2018

Iraq museum looting: 15 years on

The ransacking of the National Museum of Iraq is one of the worst acts of cultural vandalism in modern times.
10 April 2018

University and ABC seek next generation research talent

A greater appreciation and understanding of Australian humanities research will result from a partnership between the ABC and the University of Sydney to support researchers with a flair and passion for communicating their vital work.
04 April 2018

The book that became a road map for life

Long before he was an archaeologist, Dr James Fraser (BA(HONS) '04) PhD(Research) '16), was a noisy kid. The book his parents gave him to keep him quiet, Dr Dolittle, did the trick and gave the young James a view of the world that still guides him today.
03 April 2018

The mummy within: 2500-year old coffin's contents revealed

An excavation of a little-investigated Egyptian coffin from the Nicholson Museum’s mummy collection has revealed what is likely the mummified remains of a 26th Dynasty (6th century BC) woman.
03 April 2018

The world's best writers put a literary podcast on the map

With her podcast, Lit Up, Angela Ledgerwood created a platform for authors to talk about their work and lives. Her knowledgeable and passionate approach has now seen her interview some of the world's leading authors.
28 March 2018

Penelope Seidler’s gift to architecture

The distinguished architect Penelope Seidler AM is funding a Visiting Professor in Architectural History at the University of Sydney.
26 March 2018

Opera inspired by young girls’ experience of September 11

The Howling Girls, a new chamber opera composed by Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Dr Damien Ricketson, is inspired by the unusual medical experience of a group of young women affected by September 11.
26 March 2018

What role does cultural competence have in higher education?

Cultural Competence and the Higher Education Sector is the focus of a conference to be held on campus next week, hosted by the University of Sydney’s National Centre for Cultural Competence.
22 March 2018

How artists can help doctors conquer dangerous lifestyle diseases

In the fight against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, art can reach the public with messages health professionals find hard to convey, writes Alana Valentine, writer-in-residence at the Charles Perkins Centre.