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16 August 2018

How our millennial Indiana Jones became a global health warrior

Captain Sophie Hollingsworth has accomplished more in her quarter-of-a-century than most people do in a lifetime. With every door open to her, why did she decide to study a Master of Health Security at the University of Sydney?
09 August 2018

The Dead Oscar Award goes to...

Sydney College of the Arts and the Sydney Underground Film Festival present a series of events led by the hottest local and international talent in independent filmmaking, with nominees competing for the coveted Dead Oscar.
07 August 2018

Arts student uncovers secret history of penicillin in Australia

Bethany Robinson never imagined her arts degree would lead her to a discovery that would rewrite Australia's medical history.
07 August 2018

Con students get creative at 12-hour music festival

Composition students from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music will feature in Extended Play alongside local and international artists, exploring new music and challenging the realms of sound.
06 August 2018

How art changes the brain

01 August 2018

Is storytelling an enemy of science?

31 July 2018

Why Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights is a cult classic

Brontë's novel has fascinated generations of readers with its rebellion against Victorian femininity. But does her fiery heroine continue to allure and shock us, asks English Doctoral candidate Sophie Alexandra Frazer.
17 July 2018

A head and a heart for business

Successful business woman, Mary Henderson, knows opportunity doesn't come to everyone. Mature-age study at the University of Sydney confirmed that idea, as she worked to advance causes important to her.

17 July 2018

Changing rooms: Advanced design explores new adaptive living

Explore the future of apartment living: The University of Sydney undertakes new research into housing needs and reveals an exciting apartment prototype that allows residents to adapt internal space to suit their living needs.
16 July 2018

Sydney Analytical launches world-class facility for researchers

The University of Sydney unveils its newest core facility, Sydney Analytical, with capabilities in spectroscopy, x-ray analysis, chemical characterisation, training and access for industry.