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22 February 2018

5 career barriers and how to break through them

Gender barriers in the workplace can be hard to break. University of Sydney academics offer tips to tackle career obstacles this International Women's Day.
21 February 2018

Why Australia should play the long game in the US infrastructure plan

Australia needs to play the long game in the US where exemplarily customer led infrastructure is what distinguishes us, writes Garry Bowditch from the University's John Grill Centre for Project Leadership.
09 February 2018

Allergan to acquire University of Sydney spinoff Elastagen

University spinoff Elastagen Pty Ltd has entered into a definitive agreement under which Allergan plc, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has agreed to acquire the company.
31 January 2018

Why we can’t rely on corporations to save us from climate change

Why we can't rely on corporations to save us from climate change; Professor Christopher Wright and Honorary Professor Daniel Nyberg explain the common patterns they found in their research.
31 January 2018

Student insights boost Vietnam's social enterprise sector

A cross-faculty group of University of Sydney students recently worked with 12 counterparts from the Vietnam National University of Economics and Business on research into the needs of the country’s social enterprises.
22 January 2018

New scholarship to support women leaders in major projects

Research shows building leadership pathways is critical to achieve gender diversity in companies. A new scholarship from the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership is set to support women leaders of major projects.
19 January 2018

How Sydney’s transport system went off the rails

What challenges does Sydney's transport system face, and how could investment in public transport take pressure off the system and support improved travel on all modes, including cars?
20 December 2017

Explainer: the federal Climate Policy Review

The federal government's new climate policy review proposes loosening the rules on Australia’s biggest-emitting companies, such as power generators. Dr Rebecca Pearse explains how it might be a sign of business as usual.
20 December 2017

How market forces and weakened institutions are keeping wages low

Since the mid 1970s and especially since the 1980s the job market changed and so did how our wages are set, writes Professor John Buchanan from the University of Sydney Business School.
15 December 2017

New Zealand can’t outsource employment policy to its central bank

Responsibility for issues such as youth unemployment should be taken by the government and not deferred to or placed on the central bank, writes Professor of Macroeconomics, James Morley.