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05 February 2018

Emergency and key services at risk due to property market boom

Sydney's property market is pricing the city's key workers out of metropolitan areas, driving them potentially hours away from their workplaces, and threatening the viability of the key services they provide to our city.
02 February 2018

University-led cyber security network receives new government funding

The NSW Government announced $2 million in funding for a university-led cyber security network, of which the University of Sydney is a founding partner. It will provide an opportunity to take the University's blockchain research to new heights.
02 February 2018

New research project to help tackle chronic pain

University of Sydney pain researcher Professor Fiona Blyth AM has been awarded a $500,000 project grant to investigate how to reduce the risk of people developing chronic pain.
30 January 2018

Report identifies NDIS gaps for people living with mental illness

Many will be left without appropriate mental health support in the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme according to a report detailing experiences of consumers, providers and advocacy groups.
19 January 2018

How Sydney’s transport system went off the rails

What challenges does Sydney's transport system face, and how could investment in public transport take pressure off the system and support improved travel on all modes, including cars?
20 December 2017

Explainer: the federal Climate Policy Review

The federal government's new climate policy review proposes loosening the rules on Australia’s biggest-emitting companies, such as power generators. Dr Rebecca Pearse explains how it might be a sign of business as usual.
18 December 2017

Surveys show the public has lost its appetite for shark culls

A Senate committee has recommended an end to sharks culls and nets. According to surveys, the public is on board with the idea of ending policies that are lethal to sharks, write Drs Chris Pepin-Neff and Thomas Wynter.
15 December 2017

New Zealand can’t outsource employment policy to its central bank

Responsibility for issues such as youth unemployment should be taken by the government and not deferred to or placed on the central bank, writes Professor of Macroeconomics, James Morley.
12 December 2017

The Uni attends Asia-Pacific forum on urbanisation with UN agencies

Last month Associate Professor Paul Jones was invited by United Nations agencies UN-Habitat and UNESCAP to an Asia-Pacific forum in Bangkok to address the problem of rapid urbanisation in developing countries.

12 December 2017

The public fear sharks less when they understand their behaviour

Researchers surveyed more than 500 visitors to an aquarium ‘shark tunnel’ to understand how attitudes to sharks and government shark policies can change.