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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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15 November 2019

Meet the 2019 Bradfield finalists

The next wave of Sydney visionaries share their ideas for the Sydney of the future. Discover the ideas which have placed them as the finalists for the 2019 Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship.
12 November 2019

The Sydney students synthesising psychedelics for health research

Six science undergraduates have won gold in an international competition with a project to manufacture the active compound in magic mushrooms. The psychedelic could be the next big thing in depression treatment.

11 November 2019

Scientists discover mood-altering brain receptor

International research has uncovered a receptor believed to be linked to negative moods, in a part of the brain that is little-understood. The discovery published in Science could lead to more targeted medications.
11 November 2019

Are we overestimating lifetime cancer risks?

Researchers have found current estimates of lifetime risks of cancer diagnosis and mortality consistently higher than when they allowed for competing causes of death.
08 November 2019

Nobel chemist awarded Doctor of Medical Science

Medicinal chemist and Nobel Prize winner Sir Gregory Winter CBE has received a Doctor of Medical Science (honoris causa) in recognition of his outstanding contribution to medical science, entrepreneurship and human health.
07 November 2019

Fake news, hate speech on social media impacting Myanmar's youth

A report led by the University of Sydney and Save the Children, launched in London, shows social media may be undermining democracy, revealing the extent to which youth are vulnerable to abuse, hate speech and fake news.
07 November 2019

How healthy is your meal kit meal?

Popular commercial meal kit subscription services assessed for nutritional quality were found to provide adequate serves of core foods such as vegetables - but there was room to improve to meet dietary guidelines.
06 November 2019

What caused air pollution in New Delhi? Sydney experts respond

On Sunday, air pollution in New Delhi, India reached its worst levels for the year, with authorities declaring a public health emergency and ordering the closure of schools. Experts discuss the causes of the air pollution and the significant health impacts.
05 November 2019

Dog ownership could reduce loneliness: study

Sydney researchers find some evidence to suggest new dog owners experience a reduction in negative mood but further larger-scale trials are needed.
05 November 2019

Corey Tutt named NSW Young Australian of the Year

Deadly Science founder and University Research Assistant Corey Tutt has been named the 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year.