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18 January 2019

How the military can support global health security

University of Sydney health security expert Associate Professor Adam Kamradt-Scott has contributed to a new report in The Lancet urging co-operation of military and humanitarian forces.
14 January 2019

New AusOpen heat policy informed by University of Sydney research

A new extreme heat policy is being introduced at the Australian Open this week, the result of a research collaboration between Tennis Australia and the University of Sydney.
18 December 2018

Increased physical activity linked to better mood

Increasing physical activity may be an effective way to boost mood states especially in people with bipolar disorder a new study in JAMA Psychiatry reveals.
14 December 2018

University of Sydney welcomes rural medical education funding

The University of Sydney has welcomed a federal government funding package to boost the number of medical students who are educated and trained in regional Australia.
12 December 2018

Sydney scholars win $32m in NHMRC funding

University of Sydney scholars have received $32 million in NHMRC funding for research to improve the lives of Australians.
11 December 2018

5 ways to reduce the risk of stillbirth

Up to 50 percent of stillbirths happen unexpectedly and a clear cause is never identified, writes Professor Jonathan Morris and Dr Adrienne Gordon from the University of Sydney.
11 December 2018

Fellowships awarded to outstanding early-career researchers

After an international search, 10 Fellowships have been awarded to outstanding postdocs to conduct innovative, multidisciplinary research at the University of Sydney.
11 December 2018

New plan to cut harm from too much medicine in older people

A national plan released today aims to halve use of unnecessary medications in older Australians in a bid to reduce harm and cut healthcare costs.
10 December 2018

Needle-free device could disrupt $30bn vaccine delivery market

University of Sydney scholars are market testing a device that could disrupt the $30 billion vaccine delivery market by eliminating needles and ending the need for cold chain storage of vaccines.
10 December 2018

Australia's middle aged men in Lycra on the rise

The number of middle-aged Australian men who cycle on weekends has doubled in recent years, but the rise of the so-called 'Mamils' is confined to men in more affluent suburbs, says research in today's Medical Journal of Australia.