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22 February 2018

Australians support a whip ban in horse racing: poll

An overwhelming majority of Australians favour a whip ban – and most horseracing enthusiasts would not walk away – providing a strong incentive to stop the spectacle of whipping, which science shows does not increase wins.
15 February 2018

How seafloor weathering drives the slow carbon cycle

Geologists have uncovered a connection between atmospheric carbon dioxide cycles and the fluctuating capacity of the ocean crust to store it, which could help predict how the Earth will react to increases in atmospheric CO2.
15 February 2018

Kinoxis Therapeutics launched to develop anti-addiction drugs

Some $3.9 million has been raised in an initial financing round to develop novel anti-addiction compounds. SOC-1, which will progress through pre-clinical testing, mimics the properties of the “pleasure hormone” oxytocin.
09 February 2018

Allergan to acquire University of Sydney spinoff Elastagen

University spinoff Elastagen Pty Ltd has entered into a definitive agreement under which Allergan plc, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has agreed to acquire the company.
09 February 2018

Termites' unique gut 'factory' key to global domination

An international team of scientists led by Sydney has found the secret of termites' success lies in the millions of unique micro-organisms in their guts, which they not only inherit but also share across colonies.
08 February 2018

Celebrating women and girls in science

University of Sydney scientists are today hosting a conversation in Westmead on the achievements and challenges facing women in science.
07 February 2018

New drug discovery project tackles neglected tropical disease

A drug discovery project launched late yesterday will take an open source approach to discover compounds that could lead to treatment for a neglected tropical infectious disease which causes devastating deformities.
07 February 2018

Racehorses unaffected by Hendra vaccination: study

An extensive study for the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission published in the Australian Veterinary Journal this week demonstrates that vaccinating against the Hendra virus does not reduce the chances of a horse winning.
05 February 2018

How Elon Musk's SpaceX will launch a Tesla into space

Elon Musk is launching a Tesla into space – aeronautical engineering expert Associate Professor Ben Thornber explains how SpaceX will do it.
02 February 2018

University-led cyber security network receives new government funding

The NSW Government announced $2 million in funding for a university-led cyber security network, of which the University of Sydney is a founding partner. It will provide an opportunity to take the University's blockchain research to new heights.