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Sydney Ideas

Great minds don't always think alike

Sydney Ideas is the University of Sydney's public events program. We believe in the value of ideas that make a difference and have been bringing leading thinkers from around the world to Sydney since 2006.

Check out our events – month by month

Public interest and toxic chemicals

  • Thursday 19 September, 6 – 7.30pm
  • Join public health expert Professor Tim Driscoll and Walkley Award-winning journalists Kerry O'Brien and Carrie Fellner, as they discuss the role of scientific research and journalism to uncover the dangers of widely used chemicals. Book now

Understanding neurodiverisity and living with autism

  • Wednesday 25 September, 6 – 7.30pm
  • Hear experts, including the Brain and Mind Centre's Professor Adam Guastella, explore how we might create cultures and environments that support neurodiversity, and recognise the varying levels of communication and experiences that can exist for people with autism. Book now

Precision medicine: Can it live up to the hype?

  • Wednesday 2 October, 6 – 7.30pm
  • Join us as world-renowned thinkers explore some of the key issues around precision medicine. We analyse the realities of disease prediction, economics, ethics, clinical applications and the balance between the personal and the public benefit. Book now

A new light on quantum computing

  • Wednesday 2 October, 6 – 7.30pm
  • Professor Chris Monroe is one of the world's foremost quantum technologists and will be in Sydney to explain the rise of what promises to be a revolutionary technology of the 21st century. Book now

Drawing the lines: music copyright, cultures and creativity

  • Tuesday 8 October, 6 – 7.30pm
  • What musical traditions do copyright laws protect and threaten? Do all musical cultures hold equal status in the eyes of the law? Hear from noted Harvard professor Ingrid Monson, who specialises in jazz and African American music. Book now

Arts, health and healing

  • Monday 21 October, 6 – 7.30pm
  • Creative practices have transformative effects on public health. How can we embed the arts to provide better healthcare? Book now

How the Waterfront dispute changed industrial relations in Australia

  • Monday 28 October, 6 – 7.30pm
  • Join labour expert Professor Shae McCrystal, and Walkley Award-winning journalists Pamela Williams and Quentin Dempster, for a conversation about the nature of work in Australia. Book now