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09 August 2017

Explainer: what is the gender pay gap?

What are the causes of Australia’s gender pay gap? Dr Elizabeth Hill, expert in work and family policy from the Department of Political Economy, explains.

21 July 2017

Flame tree joins jacaranda companion in Quadrangle

The University’s much-loved jacaranda graced the southern end of the Quadrangle for 88 years before dying in 2016. The planting of a native flame tree and a clone of the original jacaranda was celebrated in a special ceremony today.  

26 May 2017

Explainer: Why is recycling important?

University of Sydney researchers are working on turning waste into new innovations for the health, agriculture, transport and construction industries

21 April 2017

Video: What causes extremism?

Extremism has no single race, religion, gender or age. So what drives someone to commit acts of extreme violence? Counter-radicalisation expert Hussain Nadim explains.

07 April 2017

6 things you didn’t know about sugar

Using tactics similar to the tobacco industry, the sugar industry has influenced the research agenda on sugar in order to distract from the harms of its products says Professor Lisa Bero.

27 February 2017

LGBTIQ: Ask us anything

What is the difference between being queer, gay or lesbian? Aren’t they all about same-sex relationships? Students and staff from the University of Sydney's LGBTIQ community answer questions some are too afraid to ask.

21 February 2017

Cutting-edge cameras reveal the secret life of dolphins

A world-first study testing new underwater cameras on wild dolphins has given researchers the best view yet into their hidden marine world.

03 February 2017

Sydney researchers backed to test new ideas

A real-time bullsh*t detector, a unique pathogen discovery centre and a new way to combat untreatable blindness are among the 21 projects funded under a new Sydney funding scheme.

11 January 2017

Explainer: How does sunscreen work?

Professor of Dermatology, Diona Damian, brings to light everything you need to know about sunscreen, including why it's still important during the cold winter months.