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Our leadership team encompasses representatives from all areas of science, working collaboratively to improve and enhance the faculty’s teaching and research.
Portrait of Professor Iain Young, Dean of Faculty of Science

Dean, Faculty of Science

Professor Iain Young 

Professor Young is a biophysicist who works at the interface of physics and biology, using soil as a model system to examine functionality in complex porous media over space and time.

Before joining the University of Sydney, as the inaugural head of the University’s School of Life and Environmental Sciences in 2016, Professor Young spent six years as a head of school at the University of New England, following extensive experience leading major research groups in his native country of Scotland.

Professor Young took a Bachelor of Science with honours and a PhD in soil physics at the University of Aberdeen before commencing his academic career at the Scottish Crop Research Institute.

His academic work crosses the boundaries of modelling and experimentation and he is known internationally in these areas, particularly in the functional quantification of the 3D architecture of soil and how the spatio-temporal processes of such complex structures impact on microbial and plant life and vice-versa.

Associate Deans

  • Associate Dean (Education) 
    Professor Pauline Ross 
  • Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services) 
    Associate Professor Jaime Gongora 
  • Associate Dean (Research)
    Professor Margaret Barbour
  • Associate Dean (Research Education) 
    Associate Professor Samuel Mueller 
  • Associate Dean (Student Affairs) 
    Associate Professor Helen Agus 
  • Associate Dean (Student Life) 
    Associate Professor John O'Byrne 

Academic leaders

Degree coordinators

  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies stream: Agriculture), Agroecosystems
    Associate Professor Tina Bell
  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies including advanced stream
    Associate Professor Peter Rutledge
  • Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Advanced Studies stream: Animal Veterinary Bioscience and Bachelor of Veterinary Biology
    Dr Gary Muscatello
    Dr Bianca Waud
  • Bachelor of Psychology and Psychological Science
    Associate Professor Ian Johnston
  • Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Advanced Studies stream: Food and Agribusiness
    Dr Kim-Yen Phan-Thien 
  • Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Advanced Studies stream: Health
    Dr Melanie Keep
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science
    Professor Fiona White
  • Bachelor of Medical Science and Stream Coordinator (Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Advanced Studies stream: Medical Science)
    Professor Philip Poronnik
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science
    Associate Professor Christina Dart

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