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High school students play a maths-based card game

Mega Maths Day

For students in Years 9 and 10
An opportunity to surprise and inspire students with mathematics and showcase the variety of disciplines and careers that require mathematics.

Mega Maths Day engages with stage 5 students who need to make choices about what kind of mathematics to do in senior school.

No matter what your students choose to do in the future, maths will be a part of it: from maths models that help predict which latest fashion items will sell out, to calculations that allow you to build bridges, to statistics that show what people think of a business, to computations that help in the understanding of diseases.

Your students will discover how maths is involved in pretty much every area of life at Mega Maths Day.

Year 10 is a key time when your students are choosing their future direction, so give them the opportunity to find out just how important a solid background in maths is for a huge array of disciplines and careers.

Your students will be inspired by how maths studies will open doors in their future during this Mega Maths Day full of workshops showcasing the importance of maths in a variety of settings.

Mega Maths Day will show your students how magnificent, marvellous and monumental maths is!

Event details

You can now register your students for Mega Maths Day 2020. Registrations are limited to 60 student places per schoo. 

Date: 3 June 2020
Venue: University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus
Cost: $16.50 (inc GST) per student
Payment method: our policy this year is to invoice schools upon registration. An invoice will be sent soon after your registration is confirmed. 

2019 program

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Caitlin Fisher

Programs Officer