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14 November 2018

How research is helping to reduce prejudice between people online

Research by academics in the School of Psychology has shown that online interaction between groups that have historically been hostile or distrustful has brought people together and shifted prejudices.
14 November 2018

Mastering the art of science communication

Ketan Joshi is a Bachelor of Science graduate who is passionate about communicating science to the world. Find out why he chose to study science and where his career has led him.
12 November 2018

Global mathematics institute launched at the University of Sydney

The institute will play a critical role in transforming the cultural status of mathematics in Australia and connecting all Australian mathematicians to the very best in the global research community.
05 November 2018

Dressing up for Melbourne Cup Day: a racehorse point of view

The scientific community has only recently begun to put ancient and modern theories on horse handling and training to the test to identify which techniques and devices work and why.
05 November 2018

Alliance with Taronga delivers conservation degrees at Sydney

With extinction rates accelerating across the world, the need for scientists dedicated to conservation has never been greater. Now students can pursue their dreams with a world-class education dedicated to wildlife preservation.
02 November 2018

Quantum on the edge: Light shines on new pathway for quantum tech

In a world-first demonstration of topologically protected biphoton states, physicist Dr Andrea Blanco-Redondo has opened up a pathway to use light to develop a new type of qubit, the building blocks for quantum computers.
30 October 2018

Five wins at the NSW Premier's Prizes for Science & Engineering

University of Sydney researchers have been recognised for their work by the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian at an awards ceremony held at Government House, hosted by Governor David Hurley.
29 October 2018

Sydney's spooktastic bats this Halloween

Halloween is a time we celebrate all things spooky such as ghosts, witches and bats. However, bats are not scary at all, they can be extremely charismatic and endlessly fascinating.
24 October 2018

Why Sydney is a science destination

Combining spectacular beaches, lengthy summers and mild winters - Sydney has got it all. One aspect of this beautiful city remains relatively unknown to most people, Sydney is the perfect science destination.
22 October 2018

Brush turkeys in suburbia: there's an app for that

A research collaboration between the University of Sydney, Taronga Conservation Society and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will help PhD student Matthew Hall better understand the migration and social habits of the native brush turkey in urban environments.