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11 January 2019

Why a global network of telescopes followed the "Cow"

Last year, an initially unremarkable cosmic flare soon became one of astronomy's most observed and puzzling objects. The comprehensive observations of the multidisciplinary, global team of astronomers shed light on what may have happened.
21 December 2018

Science tips for summer

Whether you're looking to liven up your garden or need some tips on picking the perfect avocado, our researchers and students share their scientific tips for the summer.
20 December 2018

10 of the best science discoveries at Sydney in 2018

From genomics and agriculture to astronomy and quantum physics, University of Sydney researchers have uncovered amazing things we didn't know about last year. Here are just 10 of them.
19 December 2018

What students think about women in engineering

Undergraduate students studying aeronautical, biomedical and mechanical engineering have shared why they'd like to see more women and girls studying engineering, and why they believe diversity is the key to innovation.
19 December 2018

Colonial medicine from a different perspective

Historians of medicine investigate discoveries within medicine and their effects on everyday life, the organisation of medical care, and the medical profession.
18 December 2018

Sydney scientists develop work-around for quantum architecture

Working with Professor David Reilly, Dr Xanthe Croot and Sebastian Pauka have invented a qubit architecture designed to improve scalability for semiconductor-based quantum computers.
18 December 2018

Planning starts for global agricultural science hub in Sydney

Combining the University's world-class veterinary, agriculture and life sciences expertise with the Department of Primary Industry at the historic Elizabeth Macarthur Agriculture Institute will amplify and support research in plant biology, soil science, food research and animal husbandry.
17 December 2018

Three RACI awards for our chemistry researchers

Three RACI awards for the School of Chemistry reflect strong tradition and emerging strength across the chemical sciences at the University of Sydney.
13 December 2018

4 cool topics you can study in maths

From developing artificial intelligence to predicting a cancer prognosis, mathematics touches every aspect of our lives. We talked to four Sydney mathematicians about their research and why maths (and the study of it) is so important.
12 December 2018

5 cool topics you can study with a biology major

Technology has advanced our ability to process and interpret large volumes of data, generating a gigantic leap in our understanding of the fundamental molecular mechanisms and processes controlling life.