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School of Psychology

Understanding how people think, feel, behave and learn
Driving psychology education, research and clinical services that investigate human behaviour and cognition for positive change. We are the oldest Australian School of Psychology.

The School of Psychology at the University of Sydney is currently ranked 26th in the world for psychology*, and is the oldest School of Psychology in Australia. We are proud of our history and reputation, and believe in pursuing continuous innovation and excellence in our research and teaching.

Psychology is one of the most exciting sciences with many questions that need answers. In the School of Psychology, we strive to build upon our successes in order to make new discoveries and drive positive change.

*QS World University Ranking by Subject, 2019

News bites

Congratulations to Zac Seidler on receiving the American Psychological Association Division 51 Student of the Year Award! The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities (Division 51) advances knowledge in the new psychology of men through research, education, training, public policy and improved clinical services for men. Zac recently submitted his PhD thesis, "The Man Island Study: Engaging Men In Mental Health Treatment For Depression".

We are delighted to have received funding for the following projects, commencing in 2019.

  • Sharon Naismith & Michael Barnett. Triple therapy prevention of Recurrent Intracerebral Disease EveNts Trial (TRIDENT) - Cognitive sub-study. $1,416,383
  • Michael Bowen & Mary Collins. Characterising and exploiting δ subunit-containing GABA-A receptors as novel targets for treating social disorders. $634,841
  • Janette Vardy & Haryana Dhillon. CHALLENGE: Colon Health And Life Long Exercise ChaNGE. $1,121,891
  • John Kwok, Anthony Don, Carol Dobson-Stone, Ramon Landin-Romero, Woojin Kim & Boris Guennewig. Mutations in genes causal of white matter disease and dysregulation of lipid metabolism in frontotemporal dementias. $600,357
  • Jonathon Arnold, Jennifer Kearney, Samuel Banister & Iain S. McGregor. Preclinical development of cannabis-derived medicines for drug-resistant epilepsy. $747,389

We are delighted to have received funding for the following projects, commencing in 2019.

  • Evan Livesey, Justin Harris, Irina Harris & Carlo Miniussi. Learning to stop: linking intra-cortical inhibition to response control. $553,306
  • David Alais, David Burr & Maria Morrone. Temporal context in perception: serial dependence and rhythmic oscillations. $452,593
  • Sally Andrews, Erik Reichle & Denis Drieghe. Tracking towards a complete model of skilled reading comprehension. $366,513
  • Bart Anderson & Ko Nishino. Perceiving and misperceiving the causes of optical structure. $365,709
  • Johannes Pols, Catharine Coleborne, Paul Rhodes, & Professor Anthony Harris. The development of Australian community psychiatry. $233,000

Colloquium program

Colloquia are held from 3-4pm on Fridays during semester in Heydon Laurence Lecture Theatre 217, unless otherwise specified.
Contact: Sophie Ellwood, Research Administration Officer

Colloquia are held from 3-4pm on Fridays during semester in Heydon Laurence Lecture Theatre 217, unless otherwise specified.
Contact: Sophie Ellwood, Research Administration Officer.

1/03/2019 Prof Bart Anderson  
8/03/2019 Dr Elodie Chiarovano  
15/03/2019 Dr Peter Jonason  
22/03/2019 A/Prof Penny Van Bergen  
29/03/2019 A/Prof Mike Le Pelley  
5/04/2019 Prof Steven Dakin  
12/04/2019 Dr Melanie Takarangi  
3/05/2019 Prof Nick Haslam  
10/05/2019 Prof Sunny Lah  
17/05/2019 Dr Jenny Richmond  
24/05/2019 Prof Joel Pearson  
31/05/2019 Dr James Morandini  
9/08/2019 Prof David Shanks  
16/08/2019 Dr Christina Anthony  
23/08/2019 Prof Alex Holcombe  
30/08/2019 Prof Tony Grant
6/09/2019 Dr Vilas Sawrikar  
13/09/2019 Prof Neil Levy  
20/09/2019 Prof Steven Heine  
27/09/2019 Prof Martine Powell  
11/10/2019 Dr David White  
18/10/2019 Prof Robert Brooks  
25/10/2019 Prof Valerie Thompson  
1/11/2019 A/Prof Gabrielle Weidermann  
8/11/2019 Prof Susanne Narciss  

Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations

18 September 2019

Wrongful convictions can and do happen – it's the unfortunate truth of the legal system. But it’s not just a legal matter; the science of how our brains work plays a big part too.

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Professor Frans Verstraten
Professor Frans Verstraten
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