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Professional development and short courses

You don't need a whole degree to learn something new

Our short-term study options can give your qualifications a refresh, enable you to meet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, introduce you to new skills or provide an outlet for creativity.

Continuing Professional Development

Many professions require you to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to stay accredited and keep your knowledge current.

Designed for busy working professionals, our courses offer a range of options including seminars, evening or day courses, as well as longer-term commitments such as single units of study and executive education programs.

Business, architecture, law, dentistry and medicine are just some of the many faculties that offer CPD programs designed to manage alongside full-time work.

Many of our courses can be studied part time and many have flexible learning options so you can continue to work while studying.

Try a single subject

Taking a single unit of study allows you to focus on a specialised area directly related to your profession.

Many faculties allow students to complete a subject or two without enrolling in a full degree program. It’s a great opportunity to try a subject on for size – and you can even credit these units towards a future degree.

Short courses

Our Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) provides thousands of short courses across a broad range of areas. Many of our courses are run in the evening, ideal for working professionals.

Learn new skills, gain new insights or unleash your creativity. From business and management to art history and languages, whatever your passion there’s bound to be a short course to suit you.

Designed to develop skills and knowledge in your chosen professional, personal or academic area of interest, we offer everything from one-day classes to courses spanning multiple weeks. Find a CCE short course.

Continuing Professional Development programs