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Orientation at the University of Sydney

Now you're enrolled, what happens next?

Welcome Week is essential for a smooth transition into becoming a uni student, skilled up for success.

Taking your first step into the University of Sydney as a new student can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. It’s a new place, a new way of learning and you’re bound to have so many questions! Welcome Week is your chance to have all your questions answered through a series of welcome events, workshops and information sessions before classes begin.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is held the week before semester each year. Making the most out of Welcome Week will help you start class full of confidence. We run a huge program with events essential to your orientation and transition into life as a student, including:

  • information about your course, teachers and classrooms
  • the basics of university study, including critical thinking and research skills
  • how and where to access student services and support on campus
  • information about career planning, overseas study opportunities and other ways to make the most of your time at university
  • making new friends and expanding your networks
  • help with living independently.

Terraces in Glebe

New to Sydney? 

If you're joining us from overseas or elsewhere in Australia, we have a huge program of special events to help you settle into Sydney life. 

Lots of these activities take place in the weeks leading up to the start of semester, so try to be in Sydney during this time. 

To find out when to arrive, what to bring and what to do once you get here, visit our New to Sydney page.

Learn how to uni

University is a little bit different to high school. You’ll find yourself adjusting to a new way of learning, but don’t worry, we have some simple lessons that will help you transition seamlessly into your new tertiary life.

Make connections

Once you’ve figured out what goes on inside the classroom, it’s time to experience life outside it! Welcome Week is also all about making lots of new friends.

The University of Sydney Union hosts a massive Welcome Festival each year, packed with fun events and a huge showcase of the hundreds of student clubs and societies that you can join.

Brooklyn at Orientation

No bones about it, Sydney Uni’s newest student, Brooklyn the British bulldog is raring to go this semester!

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