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Interdisciplinary projects

Tackle real-world issues
Collaborate with businesses, community organisations and government bodies on interdisciplinary projects and develop networks beyond the classroom.

The University of Sydney has partnerships with almost 30 leading organisations, across industry, community and government sectors. Play a part in helping Airbnb, Blackmores, Commonwealth Bank, NSW Farmers Association, Public Service Commission, or Westpac solve genuine business problems.

Interdisciplinary projects can be taken intensively in July or as a semester-long project. You’ll be matched with a team of students from other disciplines. Each team will work with an academic supervisor to tackle a problem set out by your partner organisation. You will address the problem with your group and present your solution at the end of the semester.

Projects are open to students who meet the eligibility criteria

Why enrol in an industry project?

Gain industry experience

An industry and community project looks great on your resume. It demonstrates your practical and collaborative skills to potential employers. You'll also form valuable industry connections while gaining experience in the real world.

Collaborate across disciplines

You will work with students from different areas of study to find a solution. Collaborating with students from other disciplines will give you an advantage when applying for jobs. It also shows employers you can work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Solve real-world challenges

You'll be challenged to come up with a creative solution to problems that businesses are actually facing – not solving a question written in a textbook. You'll get a head start in thinking about and preparing for the future of work.

This cross-disciplinary experience is a key stepping stone in preparing you for the workplace and gives you an insight into what life is like beyond the doors of the University.
Vincent Giannini (Bachelor of Commerce)