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Postgraduate retreat

Leadership in academia

Postgraduate students researching Southeast Asia are invited to attend our annual postgraduate retreat. Over 3 days, the program builds your leadership in research, communication skills, and interdisciplinary approaches.

Being a leader in an academic context is not just about being excellent at research. It also requires being clear about your values, making strategic choices about your time, and being able to communicate your position with others. 

In this postgraduate retreat we will focus on a range of skills that you can use to enhance your ability to make strategic decisions and manage relationships with your peers and colleagues during your PhD candidature and beyond. 

Registration is now closed and will open again in semester 2, 2018.

Retreat information


7 November

8 November

9 November


Session 1: Intro/housekeeping

Session 5: Reflections

Session 9: Reflections


Session 2: What is leadership in academia?

Session 6: When to say yes and when to say no and why

Session 10: Making an academic career that fits your life


Morning Tea


Session 3: Values-based leadership: what drives you?

Session 7: Time management and prioritisation

Session 11: Circle of influence




Session 4: Stakeholders: Who matters and why?

Session 8: Communicating with influence: cultural context, organisational context, navigating hierarchies

Session 12: Wrap up


Day end

Day end

Post-retreat drinks


Australia Indonesia short film competition and festival

Dendy Newtown


Book launch: Angkot dan Bus Minangkabau

With author Professor David Reeve

Woolley Lecture Theatre N395, University of Sydney

2017: Leadership in academia

2016: Interdisciplinary collaboration

2015: Finding your voice

2014: Working across disciplines

2013: Contextualising the thesis in Southeast Asia