Cancer Genes, Environment and Behaviour Project

Research programs of core academics

The Cancer Genes, Environment and Behaviour Program is headed by . Most of the research collects individual data from people with cancer.

The project "Why do some breast cancers present at an advanced stage in women in Australia?" has interviewed women with breast cancer about events leading to their diagnosis. The question arose through research findings that larger breast cancers are as frequent now as in the early 1990s, despite widespread breast screening and falling breast cancer death rates.

The research is exploring how much individual contribution is made by factors such as:

  • the women's social support,
  • the type of breast cancer, and
  • their access to medical care.

Ongoing studies are also investigating the health impact of mobile phone use and the interaction of sun exposure and personal risk profiles in the development of skin cancer, both melanoma and the non-melanocytic skin cancers.