STEP Seminar Series 2014

STEP invites local and international colleagues to present their research and ideas on the general themes of health screening, monitoring and diagnostic testing. Speakers vary from academic researchers to public policy makers and are invariably topical and informative.

STEP is the result of a collaboration between the School of Public Health, University of Sydney, and Bond University.

Seminars are usually held from 1.00pm to 2.00pm on Wednesdays. Any time changes will be indicated in the table below. Anyone interested is welcome to join us.

Date Speaker Topic Venue
26 March
Professor Francis Guillemin
University of Lorraine,
Nancy, France
Prevalance in two-phase surveys: designs and estimates Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre
16 April
28 May
18 June

Professor Wendy Rogers
Macquarie University

Getting clearer on different types of overdiagnosis Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre
16 July

Narelle Williams
Project Manager and Co-ordinator
Sydney Children's Hospital Network

Detecting bowel cancer in people with chronic kidney disease Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre
7 August
Professor Sander Greenland
Fielding School of Public Health,
University of California,
Los Angeles
Overthrowing the Tyranny of Null Hypothesis in Health and Medical Sciences

Chemistry Lecture Theatre 4,
Chemistry Building

1 October

Guy Tsafnat and Annie Lau
Centre for Health Informatics (CHI),
Australian Institure of Health Innovation,

The use of health informatics to support evidence based decision making and care. Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre
15 October
Associate Professor Andrew Hayen
School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Multiple measurements in cardiovascular risk prediction. Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre
19 November
Associate Professor David Peiris
Head of Primary Care Research
George Institute for Global Health
A multifaceted intervention using computerised tools to improve CVD risk management in Australian primary health care - the TORPEDO study. Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre