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Department of Studies in Religion

Considering religious expression from diverse viewpoints
We study the religions that people and communities privilege in their lives to explain their existence.

Our department comprises distinguished international researchers and committed teachers who are deeply concerned with communicating the complexities of religion in the 21st century. We critically engage with faith and attempt to define its role and function in both historical and contemporary societies, and to chart how it has changed throughout history. 

We cover the full range of religious phenomena, including the global religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, the new religions of Scientology and Wicca and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions. We also explore religious and sacred ideologies and activities such as Anzac Day, sporting events, popular culture fandom, war and patriotism.

Study area

Study area_

Religion studies

Explore one of the world's most widely discussed topics

Religion has been a major source of inspiration, meaning and controversy that has played a formative part in shaping every civilisation in history.

Our research

Our researchers are regularly involved in major government-funded collaborative research projects and take leading roles in international research networks. We bring new insights to traditional areas of study including early Christian literature, ritual studies and the study of late antiquity. We also investigate other areas including politics and the secular state, and the fields of art, creativity and new media.

Our people

  • Emeritus Professor Garry Trompf
  • Professor Majella Franzmann
  • Dr Joseph Azize            
  • Dr Doru Costache         
  • Professor Brikha Nasoraia      



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Department Chair

Professor Iain Gardner

School of Literature, Art and Media