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Undergraduate business courses

Your future in business
In an age of globalisation, disruption and rapid technological change, there has never been a more exciting time to pursue a career in business.

With a wealth of opportunity across many diverse industries and specialisations, a degree in business empowers you to carve your own path to success – whether in the corporate, not-for-profit or government sectors, or by building your own start-up.

Why study with us?

  • Choose from one of the largest ranges of majors of any business school in Australia.
  • Study in our ultra-modern Abercrombie Building.
  • Learn from academics who are leaders in their field.
  • High achieving students may apply or be invited to take part in the Dalyell Scholars program which enables you to cultivate the leadership and professional expertise to become a part of our global network of leaders.
  • Access our dedicated Careers and Employability Office for specialised services that will help you achieve your career aspirations.
  • Experience work and study while you complete your degree with a wide variety of opportunities available in Australia and overseas.

How can I study business?


The Business School Honours Program is an additional year of intensive study that students with a superior academic record may undertake upon completion of their undergraduate degree. The program aims to produce Honours graduates who are highly motivated, organised and demonstrate superior initiative.

Prospective students

Students who commence study from 2018 can complete Honours as part of the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies.

Current students

Students who commenced the Bachelor of Commerce prior to 2018 can find Business School honours program information and application guidelines at the current students honours page.

To enter the Honours Program you must, at a minimum, have completed a Bachelor degree in Commerce, or equivalent, with a major in the area you intend to specialise in through Honours, as well as a weighted average mark (WAM) of 65 and a WAM in your major of 70.

No, offers to the Business School Honours Program must be accepted to the cohort year you have applied. If you are successful in your application to the program and are subsequently unable to accept you will need to reapply to be eligible for entry in future years.

If you are a current University of Sydney student, you may be able to study in a Business School discipline but you need to apply for and enrol in Honours in the faculty of your undergraduate enrolment. For example, if you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Economics degree, majoring in Finance (or another Business School discipline) and wanting to further your studies in an Honours year, your application must be made with the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Your application will be assessed on the criteria of the discipline and Faculty in which you will be studying.

Note that scholarship eligibility may be linked to the Faculty in which you are enrolled. That is, there are Business School and FASS specific scholarships. If you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Economics and intending to study in a Business School discipline for your Honours year you may not be eligible for Business School specific scholarship. Further information on scholarships can be found at the Scholarships page.

You are eligible to apply to study Honours once you complete the requirements of your Bachelor of Commerce (subject to minimum entry requirements).

Most students in this situation will study Undergraduate Commerce and Honours consecutively (that is, entering Honours immediately after completing your Commerce degree), which means deferring study in your other degree for a year. Alternatively, you are eligible to apply to study Honours several years after completing your Bachelor degree.

It is possible to apply and be eligible for entry to Honours if you have taken a break in study since completing your Bachelor degree. As a general rule of thumb, entry to Honours is permitted if you commenced your undergraduate study less than ten years ago, subject to other requirements for entry. If Honours is not an option but you are interested in higher degree research study, you may want to consider the Master of Philosophy degree.

All information on scholarships relating to Business School Honours can be accessed at the Scholarships page.

The University of Sydney policy states that students may hold only one primary scholarship (valued at $6,000 p.a. or more). Students may be eligible for a secondary scholarship (valued at $5,000 p.a. or under) that can be held concurrently with a primary scholarship. You will need to check the conditions of the specific scholarship/s.

The fees for Honours are the same as for other Undergraduate programs studied at the Business School. Students can find more information about fees at the Finances, fees and costs page.

If you are expecting to complete your Bachelor's degree in Summer School then you are still eligible to apply. The Business School will assess your application based on your completed results to date and, if there is a place for you in the program, you will receive a conditional offer. Once the offer conditions are satisfied, your offer will convert to an unconditional offer and you will be ready to enrol.

Yes, you are eligible to study Honours. However, there is no mid-year intake. You will need to apply to study Honours in the following year.

Regarding your Honours class (first, second etc) it is calculated as a weighted average mark based exclusively on your grades in the Honours year. BUSS4001 Business Honours Research Methods is weighted 20%, BUSS4X02 Honours A and BUSS4X03 Honours B 10% each and the thesis is weighted 60%.

The only time your undergraduate grades are considered is in the awarding of the University Medal. The University Medal is awarded based on outstanding academic performance by an Honours student over their complete student enrolment.

The University Medal is not necessarily awarded every year or from each discipline. Disciplines are invited to nominate students completing Honours who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance. The decision to award the University Medal is made by the Honours Board of Examiners and based on student grades in the Honours year and evidence of outstanding excellence across the candidate's complete academic career.

2019 undergraduate course guide

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