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Cell-based therapies for type 1 diabetes

Pioneering new approaches to the challenge of diabetes

Our multidisciplinary team is working towards curing type 1 diabetes.

A central mission of the Charles Perkins Centre is to ease the healthcare burden of diabetes. Current treatments for type 1 diabetes have limited ability to maintain blood glucose within the narrow required range.

We use human-induced pluripotent stem cells to generate cells that will faithfully monitor blood glucose and secrete exactly the amount of insulin needed to control glucose levels.

To apply this therapeutically, we’ll be using tissue engineering to create a microenvironment and enable these healthier cells to thrive and function within the patient. 

We are using stem cells to encourage the generation of new cells that have the ability to monitor blood glucose levels and cure diabetes.

We are striving to solve the diabetes epidemic.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

  • Dr James Hudson, University of Queensland
  • Dr Enzo Porrello, University of Queensland

Project Node Leader

Professor Peter Thorn
Professor Peter Thorn
"The team consists of expert leaders in the complementary approaches that are needed for the success of this project."
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