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We invest in potential, reward talent and offer assistance

Scholarships are just one way the University of Sydney can support your achievements. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate coursework, international, Indigenous and research scholarships.

Our scholarship programs provide financial freedom and support for engineering, computing and project management students at all levels.

Whether you want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and/or research studies, we invite you to explore the scholarships available to help you achieve your goals.

Undergraduate scholarships

Our undergraduate scholarships are tailored to assist future engineering, computing and project management students.

If you are a high achiever looking to develop your leadership skills and professional network, our Leadership Scholarship is worth applying for. One of Australia’s most generous programs, it is designed to shape you as a future industry leader while providing the hands-on experience and technical skills highly valued by prospective employers.

There are many faculty-specific undergraduate scholarships available to eligible domestic students.

Scholarships are also available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to study engineering, computing and project management.

We also offer scholarships specifically targeted to eligible female domestic students wishing to pursue undergraduate studies in engineering.

If you are an international student wanting to study with us, explore the international student scholarships that can help you.

There are other University-wide scholarships for eligible future domestic and international students, including scholarships specific to prospective students from India.

Leadership Scholarship

Our Leadership Scholarship is one of the most valuable undergraduate scholarships in Australia, offering generous financial support and extensive leadership development.

Our aim is to shape you as a future leader by fostering your passion and motivation, and providing you with the hands-on experience as well as technical and non-technical skills highly valued by industry, community and society. We also prepare you to be an excellent communicator, with the confidence to work effectively within teams and with clients.

Unique to this program are the exciting range of opportunities available for you to pursue your leadership development abroad, including attending a Engineering Leadership Development Program at Penn State University (USA), and networking with other likeminded future leaders at the annual United Nations Youth Assembly.

It's this well-rounded experience that will help you develop the skills and knowledge to make a significant contribution to your community and the world. You'll be offered a structured professional experience program with some of Australia's leading firms, giving you the opportunity to build your skills and networks for up to 20 weeks during your degree.

Apply now

To be eligible to apply, you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

To be successful, you will need to demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills, leadership qualities, creativity, innovation, and self‑motivation in your application.

A high ATAR is required, although this scholarship is not based entirely on academic results. If you are expecting an ATAR of 98 or above in the NSW HSC (or equivalent), you should consider applying.

Refer to the scholarship terms and conditions (PDF 52KB) for a full list of the conditions that apply.

Two scholarship students talking in the Engineering Building

Postgraduate coursework scholarships

Whether you want to gain new professional qualifications, change your career direction or pursue a personal ambition, our postgraduate coursework scholarships are designed to financially assist you to reach that goal.

There are many faculty-specific postgraduate coursework scholarships available to eligible domestic students wanting to pursue further studies in engineering or information technology.

There are scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to pursue further studies with us.

We also offer postgraduate coursework scholarships for eligible international students wanting to study with us, as well as university-wide scholarships specific to prospective students from India.

Postgraduate research scholarships

Embarking on a research degree with us is an opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s brightest and most accomplished academics.

Our faculty-specific postgraduate research scholarships will assist you in funding your work and are open to eligible domestic and international students alike.

These include our Summer Research Program scholarships, designed to provide valuable research experience relevant to students interested in a career in research at a university or in industry.

Additionally, there are University-wide postgraduate research scholarships for eligible domestic and international students.

Scholarships and Financial Support Service

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