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Our people

Meet our exceptional and remarkable scholars

Our staff are acclaimed legal educators, world-renowned researchers and venerated practitioners. We also attract the involvement of prominent international scholars and leaders in the judiciary and government.

School leadership

Joellen Riley

Professor Joellen Riley

Head of School and Dean / Professor of Labour Law

Visit Professor Riley's academic profile.

Matthew Conaglen

Professor Matthew Conaglen

Deputy Head of School & Deputy Dean / Professor of Equity & Trusts

Visit Professor Conaglen's academic profile.

Associate Deans


  • Professor Simon Rice, Professional and Community Engagement
  • Professor Bing Ling, China Engagement

Emeritus Professors

Challis Lecturers

  • The Hon Chief Justice James Allsop AO, BA LLB SydneyChallis Lecturer in Maritime Law
  • The Hon Robert Austin BA LLM Sydney DPhil Oxon, Challis Lecturer in Corporate Law
  • The Hon Justice Arthur Emmett AO QC, BA LLB LLM D.Laws LLD SydneyChallis Lecturer in Roman Law
  • The Hon Justice Mark Leeming SC, BA LLB PhD Sydney, Challis Lecturer in Equity

Honorary Titles

  • Duncan Chappell BA LLB (Hons) UTAS PhD CambHonorary Professor
  • Daniel Rowland, Honorary Associate
  • John Stumbles, Honorary Professor
  • Brett Williams, Honorary Senior Lecturer
  • Alex ZiegertHonorary Associate Professor


  • Livingston Armytage LLB LLM (Hons) PhD SydneyAdjunct Professor
  • Jenny Bargen, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Andrew Bell SC, BA LLB Sydney PhD, Adjunct Professor
  • Alan Bennett LLM UTS, Adjunct Professor
  • Christopher Birch SC, BA LLB PhD Sydney, Adjunct Professor
  • The Hon Justice Ashley Black BA LLB LLM Sydney, Adjunct Professor
  • Max Bonnell BA LLB Sydney MA Warwick, Adjunct Professor
  • Elizabeth Boros LLB Adelaide LLM PhD Camb, Adjunct Professor
  • Chloe Burnett BCom LLB Sydney LLM NYU, Adjunct Lecturer
  • The Hon Joseph C Campbell QC FAAL, BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) Sydney, Adjunct Professor
  • David Chin BEc LLB (Hons) Macquarie MSt Oxon, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Nicholas Cowdery, Adjunct Professor
  • Adrian Diethelm, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Melissa Heath-Ogier, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Christopher Hodgekiss SC, BA BCL Oxon, Adjunct Professor
  • David Howarth BEc LLB Sydney LLM UNSW LLM Germany, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • John Lee BSc LLB, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Kevin Lewis LLB BJuris SJD MBA, Adjunct Professor
  • The Hon Justice Kevin Lindgren BA UNSW LLB Lond MA PhD LLD Newcastle, Adjunct Professor
  • Paul O'Donnell BA (Hons) Sydney; LLM (Hons) Sydney
  • Alison Pert LLB Manc LLM Lond PhD Sydney, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • The Hon Justice Brian Preston BA LLM Macquarie, Adjunct Professor
  • Elizabeth Raper, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Ray Rees, Research Affilate
  • Donald Robertson BEc LLB Sydney LLM Col, Adjunct Professor
  • Karen Rooke LLB (Hons) ANU LLM Sydney, Adjunct Professor
  • The Hon Peter Rose AO, QC, Adjunct Professor
  • Michael Skinner BA MA Oxon LLM UNSW, Adjunct Lecturer