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Honours in medicine and health

Your research can help create a healthier society
Our researchers make a meaningful impact to local and global health. They save lives, find cures and find new ways to tackle healthcare challenges. Play a role in our research with an honours degree in medicine and health.

Why study honours in medicine and health? 

Wherever your career takes you, an honours degree will serve as an invaluable foundation and asset. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge of an aspect of your field and allow you to make your own meaningful contribution to a field of knowledge. You will develop transferable skills and graduate attributes such as critical thinking, time management and communication. 

An honours degree can also launch a fulfilling career in research and academia and provides a common pathway to a PhD.

At the Faculty of Medicine and Health, you'll be part of an internationally renowned research community. We are one of the world's top research universities and you'll be working alongside researchers who are constantly breaking ground in medicine and health. By contributing to our research, you can help make a difference to thousands of lives.

How can you undertake an honours year in medicine and health?

Honours is available in diagnostic radiography, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology integrated as a pathway through the final two years of the degree. Students will receive an invitation to express their interest during the second semester of their second year.

Honours is available as an additonal year of study after you complete the Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) or the Bachelor of Health Sciences (please note, this course may not be available after 2020). Apply directly through the relevant course page.

Entry into honours is competitive and based on students' past academic performance. A Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 65 is required to be eligible to apply for honours.

For course or project specific enquiries, contact your discipline's Honours Coordinator.

Course Contact
Diagnostic radiography John Robinson at
Exercise physiology Dr Che Fornusek at
Exercise and sport science Dr Che Fornusek at
Bachelor of Health Sciences Dr Justin McNab at
Occupational therapy Dr Rebecca Barton at
Physiotherapy Dr Maree Milross at
Speech pathology Hans Bogaardt at

For general and administrative enquiries contact our honours administrator at

Current students can find out more on Canvas.

The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) is an additional year of study that you complete after you have finished your undergraduate degree.

Applications are open to students who the school considers to have the requisite knowledge and aptitude to undertake the course. Applicants are expected to have either completed Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Sydney or hold an equivalent qualification from another institution.

Before applying, download the project list (pdf, 202.9KB) to see projects that are available, and contact your potential supervisor to discuss your preferred project.  You are encouraged to contact potential supervisors as early as possible.

More information

The Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management both have integrated/embedded honours programs. This means that the undergraduate degree can be awarded at the Pass or Honours level. Meritous students can complete honours study in the final semesters of their undergraduate degree, and it will not increase the overall time taken to complete their studies. 

Take a look at the honours projects (pdf, 3.41MB) being undertaken by pharmacy students (pdf, 402KB) in 2019. 

Refer to the pharmacy handbook for more information.

For honours enquiries contact

Medical Sciences

Honours in medical sciences is an additional year of undergraduate study. It's a unique opportunity for you to explore your research potential and put theory from your undergraduate studies into practice.

Honours in medical sciences is undertaken either within a specific discipline, such as anatomy and histology, applied medical sciences, physiology, pharmacology or pathology, or externally in any research institute or clinical school associated with these disciplines (in particular those affiliated with the Bosch Institute). Your project is hosted by the Faculty of Science but led by either the Sydney Medical School or the School of Medical Sciences.

There are two ways to study honours in medical sciences:

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours): to be eligible, you must have qualified for or be a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Sydney or hold equivalent qualification from another tertiary institution and met other admission requirements outlined on the course page.
  • Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours): to be eligible, you must have qualified for or be a graduate with a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Sydney and met other admission requirements outlined on the course page. Please note, this degree will soon be replaced by the Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) degree.

To view a full list of projects in medical sciences offered by our schools please visit our online project database.

You can undertake honours in anatomy and histology through Bachelor of Science (Honours) or Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours).

For an honours year in the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology, you need to:

  • have a Sci-WAM of at least 65*
  • pre-enrol via Sydney Student
  • organise a project with a lab head and get written confirmation (email)
  • confirm your intention to do honours with the honours coordinator (in person).

*If you do not meet the criteria but are still interested in honours, please contact Honours Coordinator, Dr Paul Austin, to discuss options:

T: +61 2 9351 5061

In 2017, the University of Sydney established a dedicated honours program in applied medical sciences based at our Westmead campus, one of the world's largest health and medical research precincts.

Honours in applied medical sciences is available if you have studied:

  • A Bachelor of Medical Science degree at the University of Sydney and you want to undertake a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) with a project in applied medical sciences or;
  • A Bachelor of Science degree at any university. You should apply for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in the subject area of applied medical sciences.

For a list of available projects and information on how to apply, download our Applied Medical Sciences Honours Guide (pdf, 710KB)

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Andrew Harman, Applied Medical Sciences Honours Coordinator:

Phone: +61 2 8627 3623

Infectious diseases and immunology honours are research-based courses that commence in early February and culminate in the presentation of a thesis in late October/early November.

How to apply: 

  1. Read and review available projects
  2. Attend the information evening which will be held in mid-September (date to be advised). 
  3. Choose 3-4 projects of special interest to yourself.
  4. Arrange an interview with the supervisor of each of your selected projects. You must take a copy of your academic transcript and a brief curriculum vitae to each interview.
  5. Return the completed application form (pdf, 56KB) to Associate Professor Carl Feng by the last day of Semester 2.
  6. Submit an application to Faculty of Science. All applications are now online, please consult the faculty website for details.

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Carl Feng, Honours Coordinator:


The Discipline of Pathology offers a number of areas of study for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) or Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours).

It is not necessary to have undertaken the two cell pathology units in the Discipline of Pathology to undertake an honours year in pathology.

View a list of available projects.

Please contact your intended supervisor, then complete and return the pathology honours form (pdf, 68.8KB) to You should then submit an application through the course page.

For more information, please contact Honours Coordinator Associate Professor Lenka Munoz:
Phone: +61 2 9351 2315

You can undertake pharmacology honours through the Bachelor of Science (Honours) or Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)

Please complete this pharmacology honours application form (pdf, 15KB) and return to Honours Coordinator Professor Rachel Codd, as well as submitting an application through the course page.

For more information, please contact Honours Coordinator Professor Rachel Codd:
Phone: +61 2 9351 6738

After completion of the requirements for a pass in the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Medical Science, a student who has majored in physiology may apply to undertake an honours year.

Download the 2019 honours handbook and project list (pdf, 1MB) and expression of interest form (pdf, 72KB).

For more information, please contact Honours Coordinator Dr Daniel Johnstone:
Phone: +61 2 9351 5162

Some physiology students also complete honours in neuroscience, for more information please contact Dr Karen Cullen at

Undertaking an honours project at Westmead

Our applied medical sciences honours program is based at Westmead, one of the world's largest health and medical research precincts.

5 reasons to study honours at Westmead

  • Learn from leading experts who are conducting critical research into the causes and mechanisms of disease and developing novel interventions for prevention and treatment.
  • Be part of a large and diverse Westmead student community of around 2,000 students, including hundreds of PhD and honours candidates.
  • Scientists and researchers at Westmead work in close collaboration with clinicians, giving unparalleled opportunities for ‘bench to bedside’ translational research.
  • The Westmead campus is the largest health and medical precinct in NSW and includes three major medical research institutes, two large-scale University of Sydney teaching hospitals and the largest research-active pathology service in NSW.

The Westmead health education and research precinct is a thriving centre of collaborative and interdisciplinary innovation. The University is proud to be affiliated with the precinct partners, including:

Improving the success rate of human organ transplants, helping people cope with sleep disorders, stopping the transmission of HIV and exploring effective treatments for Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis are just some of the ambitious goals of the applied medical sciences projects available to University of Sydney honours students at our Westmead campus.

For more information, please contact Honours Coordinator Associate Professor Andrew Harman at:

Phone: +61 2 8627 3623

For a full list of honours projects available at Westmead please visit our online project database.

Find out more about our Westmead campus.

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