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19 September 2016

University of Sydney launches new ATAR entry requirements website

The University of Sydney will help prospective students make an informed decision about their study options with the launch of a new website featuring the full range of ATARs for all courses.

19 September 2016

Barcelona cool and sexy but not a good look for Sydney

As Sydney's population continues to expand, it's Toyko we need to look at for inspiration, writes Associate Professor Pablo Guillen Alvarez.

19 September 2016

New open course meets growing demand for ethical social media skills

Good social media citizenry is at the heart of a forward-thinking new MOOC.

19 September 2016

Rising use of prison video links limit lawyer-client access

An increased reliance on video links in court matters has put prisoners at a distance from their lawyers, finds research conducted in two NSW prisons.  

16 September 2016

Contributions to student learning recognised

Five staff have been awarded national citations for their outstanding contributions to student learning. The Australian Awards for University Teaching recognise exceptional teaching practice and enhanced student outcomes.  

16 September 2016

Artificial sweeteners hit sour note with sketchy science

University of Sydney researchers have confirmed widespread bias in industry-funded research into artificial sweeteners, which is potentially misleading millions by overstating their health benefits.

16 September 2016

How to get liked and shared on Facebook: new research

A new study of the Facebook pages of 20 Australian public health agencies reveals that videos, celebrities, sports stars, emotional appeals and factual information generate greatest user-engagement, while techniques such as sponsorships and authority figures reduce user engagement.

16 September 2016

‘Starving’ black hole returns galaxy Mrk 1018 to the shadows

For the second time since it was first observed, a nearby galaxy with a black hole at its centre has mysteriously changed. In a new paper, a University of Sydney PhD student suggests the black hole is being starved of fuel.

15 September 2016

Could slime save Sydney?

Can ants, bees and slime moulds build better infrastructure networks than us? 

15 September 2016

Australian infrastructure needs customer service reforms: new report

Australian infrastructure consumers could benefit from greater flexibility and innovation in infrastructure service delivery, according to new research commissioned by the University of Sydney's infrastructure think tank.