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31 July 2017

Loss, trials and compassion: music of Australia's Jewish refugees

After the Nazi invasion of Austria in 1938, Jewish refugee applications to Australia soared to over 10,000. Australia’s immigration policy at the time was very clear, writes Dr Joseph Toltz.

31 July 2017

Indigenous health research centre launched

Today marks the opening and launch of the Centre for Research Excellence: Indigenous Health and Alcohol. 

31 July 2017

2017 Jacoby-Walkley Scholarship winner announced

The opportunity of a lifetime for a young journalist with dreams of carving out a career in the competitive television industry.

31 July 2017

New data retention law seriously invades our privacy

Metadata from our phone calls, text messages, emails and internet activity is now tracked by the government under new data retention laws, writes Associate Professor Uri Gal from the University of Sydney Business School. 

31 July 2017

Three visual illusions that reveal the hidden workings of the brain

Associate Professor Alex Holcombe and PhD student Kim Ransley from the School of Psychology provide their illuminating insights into the visual processing that occurs when the brain tries to identify objects.  

31 July 2017

Women chronically disadvantaged in the Australian music industry

New research by the University of Sydney has found women in the Australian music industry are "chronically disadvantaged", in terms of who 'makes it' as a success and who 'makes the decisions' at the board level.

31 July 2017

Thales Australia partners with University of Sydney

The University of Sydney will develop transformational industry projects in aerospace, defence, security and transport fields together with global technology leader Thales Australia.

28 July 2017

New deal for novel cancer therapy

Immuno-oncology company HaemaLogiX has signed an agreement with the University of Sydney and a host of health and research institutions for the commercialisation rights to an immuno-oncology agent that could benefit myeloma patients.

28 July 2017

Stranger things: The uncanny world of animal pregnancy

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Dr Camilla Whittington takes us on a journey of discovery through some weird and wonderful reports of reproduction of our feathered, furred and finned friends.

28 July 2017

Is the cat lady stereotype dead?

Ahead of International Cat Day on 8 August we delved deep into some feline facts to reveal the prevalence of cats, the characteristics of their owners and some important welfare tips.