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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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01 August 2018

Is storytelling an enemy of science?

31 July 2018

Nalini Joshi elected to leading role in world mathematics

The University's first female professor of mathematics and former Head of School, Nalini Joshi, has been elected Vice-President of the International Mathematical Union, the worldwide body representing mathematics.
31 July 2018

AGL and undergraduates partner for new perspective

Six undergraduate student projects explored what our electricity grid might look like in the future and what the lifestyle and wider social implications will be for the choices we make.
30 July 2018

Are you walking your dog enough?

How much exercise does your dog need? How do you overcome some of the barriers to regular walks? Professors Paul McGreevy and Adrian Bauman from the University of Sydney explain in this opinion piece.
26 July 2018

Great Barrier Reef reveals rapid changes of ancient glaciers

Graphs of sea levels about the time of the poorly understood Last Glacial Maximum indicated ice sheets were stable before slowly starting to melt but a new Nature paper paints a different picture, which could be bad news for the reef.
25 July 2018

University of Sydney finalists announced in Eureka Prizes

From maths to medical technology to chemistry for the future - the University celebrates five nominations in the Eureka Prizes, each displaying innovation and leadership in their efforts leading critical advances in science.
25 July 2018

First-ever quantum simulation of chemical bonds with trapped ions

In a world first, Dr Cornelius Hempel has simulated the bonds of lithium hydride and hydrogen molecules using trapped-ion qubits. This explores an important pathway for one of the first practical uses of quantum computers.
24 July 2018

Should you share location data of threatened species?

Should people decline nature 'selfies' to save species from the hordes and keep location data secret? Analysis of diverse case studies shows the benefits of sharing information can in some cases outweigh the risks.
16 July 2018

Tongue-tied horses: why this can be an issue in Australian racing

As ABC's Four Corners showed last week, the use of tongue ties in Australian racehorses is much more prevalent than elsewhere. Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science Paul McGreevy explains why this matters.
16 July 2018

Sydney Analytical launches world-class facility for researchers

The University of Sydney unveils its newest core facility, Sydney Analytical, with capabilities in spectroscopy, x-ray analysis, chemical characterisation, training and access for industry.