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02 February 2018

Quantum 'hack' to unleash computing power

The instability of qubits - the building blocks of quantum computers - means they are susceptible to error. Our physicists have found that tweaking error coding can open the door to huge efficiency gains.
17 January 2018

Billions could be saved in shipping, aquaculture

Sydney scientists have developed nanowrinkled coatings that could avoid the build-up of damaging biological material and save some of the $320 million annually spent by the Australian shipping industry because of biofouling.
12 January 2018

NSW teens control NASA robots on the International Space Station

Students from five New South Wales schools controlled NASA robots on the International Space Station as part of the global Zero Robotics international coding competition.
11 January 2018

Most read academic papers of 2017

Coral bleaching, DNA and neanderthals, the health benefits of being a "weekend warrior" and which sports will help you live longer all made the Top 100 most read academic papers in 2017.
22 December 2017

Wheat disease breakthrough to help feed the world

The re-emergence of a rust disease that can kill wheat is threatening food security. A breakthrough has been announced in the prestigious journal Science. Global collaborators include CSIRO, the US Department of Agriculture and Rothamsted Research.
21 December 2017

High school students name new fish species

A University of Sydney taxonomist has discovered a new species of fish called Navigobius kaguya, after examining two specimens from Japan and the Philippines, which high school students named during a workshop.
21 December 2017

Neutron-star merger creates new cosmic mysteries

An international team including Associate Professor Tara Murphy has been studying a neutron star collision and found an unusual cocoon of debris, raising doubts about the source of short gamma ray bursts.
20 December 2017

Top tips: How to stay cool in the heat

As temperatures start to soar in Australia, our people are leading research on how to protect the vulnerable during heatwaves.
18 December 2017

5 steps Australia can take to build an effective space agency

Establishing a space agency in Australia is a sensible decision with bipartisan support, writes Anthony Wicht from the US Studies Centre. So how do we get there?
15 December 2017

10 best Sydney science discoveries 2017

From squirtable surgical glue to gravitational waves, University of Sydney scientists have been hitting the headlines in 2017.