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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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20 September 2019

The hunt for dark matter: Sydney joins ARC Centre of Excellence

Professor Celine Boehm welcomes $35 million funding for national research centre to answer one of physics great open questions.
18 September 2019

University of Sydney launches School of Biomedical Engineering

Launched today, the Faculty of Engineering's new School of Biomedical Engineering aims to "continue the University's record of real-world problem-solving."
16 September 2019

Animals in Need: the fund that saved Sandy the dachshund

When their beloved pet was catastrophically injured, the Furina family could not afford to pay for her care. With help from University donors, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital came to the rescue.
16 September 2019

What is a pixel?

Last week, Pixar co-founder and first director of computer graphics at Lucasfilms, Dr Alvy Ray Smith joined our Dean of Engineering to discuss the immeasurable impact of one 20th century invention: the pixel.
12 September 2019

9 moments in the University of Sydney's history you need to know

From the world's first female radio astronomer to the discovery of neurons that allow us to see in 3D, a new book details highlights from Australia's first University.
12 September 2019

Seeing is revealing: new insights into brains and black holes

We brought together an engineer, neurologist, astrophysicist and philosopher to answer the big questions about life and the universe.
12 September 2019

Study casts doubt on accuracy of mobile drug testing devices

Research at the University of Sydney Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics suggests the devices currently used return both false positives and false negatives.
11 September 2019

Are we facing a catastrophic bushfire season?

Professor Dale Dominey-Howes in Geosciences explains how climate change is exacerbating every risk factor for more frequent and intense bushfires
11 September 2019

Saving the Tasmanian devil: crowdfunded mission raises new hope

Extinction once seemed inevitable for the Tasmanian devil, but on an expedition to the state's remote southwest, researchers made a discovery that could help protect the species.

11 September 2019

Sydney's Q-CTRL leaps into top-10 of global quantum tech start-ups

Q-CTRL's success reflects more than a decade of investment in long-term, fundamental science. The company is now a global partner for the emerging quantum tech industry.