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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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16 July 2018

Sydney Analytical launches world-class facility for researchers

The University of Sydney unveils its newest core facility, Sydney Analytical, with capabilities in spectroscopy, x-ray analysis, chemical characterisation, training and access for industry.
10 July 2018

Sydney's Q-CTRL wins backing from global technology funds

Multimillion dollar investment in Professor Michael Biercuk's company shows the quantum economy is emerging right here, right now at the University of Sydney and related entities.
09 July 2018

Sydney Nano AeroEV team wins the The Big Idea prize for 2018

A proposed innovative technology that can deliver nanoscale messengers to the lungs wins $45,000 pre-seed funding from Sydney Research for Wojciech Chrzanowski's Pharmacy group.
06 July 2018

Funding boost for sustainable agriculture research

The Sydney Institute of Agriculture has been awarded funding for one of the 15 successful projects announced by the Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its National Landcare Program.
05 July 2018

Content of illicit cannabis to treat kids with epilepsy revealed

A study of community use of medicinal cannabis to treat childhood epilepsy has found most samples contained some THC and little CBD, contrary to parents' expectations, and a majority were reported as reducing seizures.
05 July 2018

Portrait of an engineering trailblazer

As a respected engineer and transformative staff member at the University of Sydney for more than 50 years, of course Professor Rolf Prince would have a portrait done. One of his students, Don Heussler, helped make it happen.
04 July 2018

Australian GPs cautiously supportive of medicinal cannabis access

A majority of GPs believe medicinal cannabis should be available on prescription, bypassing the specialist system, but most lack information about how to negotiate the bureaucratic processes to meet increasing patient demand.
03 July 2018

Koala genome sequenced for first time

Sydney has led the world-first sequencing of the koala genome in a global consortium spanning 54 scientists in 29 organisations. It will inform conservation efforts - from diet to genetic diversity - of our iconic marsupial.
28 June 2018

Our SOAR Fellows' research progress, six months on

The Sydney Researcher Accelerator (SOAR) Fellowships support outstanding early and mid-career researchers. Six months into the two-year fellowship, our SOAR fellows explain what a day in the life of a researcher is like.
27 June 2018

Decoded stretchy molecule gives living tissues flexibility

Researchers have decoded the molecular structure of tropoelastin, a protein that gives living tissues the ability to stretch and retract, and detailed how its structure is altered in various genetically-driven diseases.