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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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14 March 2018

Breeding trouble: study finds fishy issues with captive stocks

Sydney scientists have found captive-born animals have on average almost half the odds of reproductive success compared to their wild-born counterparts in captivity; in aquaculture, the effects were particularly pronounced.
13 March 2018

School for startups: the course launching new student businesses

PhD student Anastasia Volkova has raised $1.5 million for her startup, which could transform the way farmers grow crops. It all began when she enrolled in a course that blends innovative research with business skills.
12 March 2018

Hydrogen-powered drones take flight in Sydney

In a world first, a team of researchers from Sydney have successfully powered an unmanned aircraft flight with a triple hybrid propulsion system featuring one of the cleanest energies on Earth – hydrogen.
12 March 2018

Tiny electronics could solve security issues

A University of Sydney engineer has developed a new nanotechnology-based component that could sit at the heart of anti-counterfeiting technologies for the fashion and defence industries and fraud-proof verification techniques for online machines.
12 March 2018

Zero Robotics competition goes national in Australia

School-aged space enthusiasts from every corner of Australia will now get the opportunity to control NASA robots inside the International Space Station (ISS), as part of the newly-expanded Zero Robotics competition.
09 March 2018

6 reasons to join Sydney's Women in Wikipedia edit-a-thon

University staff, students and community will address Wikipedia's gender gap while celebrating Women's History Month at our Women in Wikipedia: 2018 Sydney Edit-a-thon.
08 March 2018

Scientists' warning to humanity 'most talked-about paper'

A report on the Earth’s health, 25 years after an initial scientists’ warning to humanity signed by the majority of Nobel Laureates, is generating unprecedented attention and inspiring academics, politicians and the public.
08 March 2018

How a young scientist could help couples struggling to conceive

Inspired by her own struggles to fall pregnant, Dr Angela Crean hopes to reduce medicine's reliance on IVF. Her research into reproduction shifts the focus from females to males.
08 March 2018

Why we need to make room for food

Every year we lose two million hectares of land to urban sprawl. With Sydney’s property market booming, an expert panel explained why we need to make room for the production of nutritious food.
08 March 2018

Professor Hala Zreiqat named NSW Premier's Woman of the Year

Pioneering biomaterials and tissue engineer Professor Hala Zreiqat has been awarded the NSW Premier’s Award for Woman of the Year.