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Kassal Group

Exploring theoretical physical chemistry
Our work spans topics from fundamental chemical processes to advanced solar cells to quantum computing.

Our aims

We aim to understand the basic workings of photosynthesis, uncover ways of designing better organic electronics, and advance the development of quantum simulators.

Our research

  • Fundamental processes in next-generation solar cells and renewable-energy materials
  • Energy and charge transport in disordered materials
  • Quantum effects in biological systems, especially photosynthetic complexes
  • Quantum computing and quantum simulation, especially for problems in chemistry
  • Engineering quantum effects into molecular systems 


For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with the Kassal Group, please contact Ivan Kassal.

Ivan Kassal

Senior Lecturer and Westpac Research Fellow
  • Room 543a, School of Chemistry Building (F11) University of Sydney NSW, 2006