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McErlean Group

Efficient synthesis of organic molecules
Our research efforts are centred on the development of reactions, processes and strategies to enable the efficient synthesis of organic molecules.

Our aims

Our research group is interested in developing novel reactions, and applying known reactions in a novel manner, to reduce the complexity inherent in natural product and pharmaceutical synthesis.

Our research

To design and develop operationally simple processes for synthesis, we concentrate on catalytic methods. Explore our research at the link below:

Group Members (from left): Martina Yousif, Neanne Alnafta, Robert Rodger, Liam Bromhead, Chris McErlean, Alex Norman, Marlowe Graham, Philippe Nashar.

Our people

  • Associate Professor Christopher McErlean 
  • Marlowe Graham, PhD candidate
  • Robert Rodger, PhD candidate
  • Martina Yousif, PhD candidate
  • Neanne Alnafta, PhD candidate
  • Claire Flitcroft, PhD candidate
  • Elene Tatunashvili, PhD candidate
  • Philippe Nashar, MPhil candidate
  • Karen Hakobyan, MPhil candidate
  • Stone Woo, Honours student
  • An Huy (Ethan) Dinh, Honours student
  • Jungwoo Ma, Graduate Diploma student
  • Kai Kikuchi, Graduate Diploma student


For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with us, contact Associate Professor Christopher McErlean via Research Supervisor Connect.

Christopher McErlean

  • Room 518a, School of Chemistry F11, University of Sydney NSW 2006

McErlean Group