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Life science researchers doing fieldwork in the Australian outback
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Biology courses

Discover how living systems work
Journey from molecular mechanisms and whole organism processes to the ecological scale, as you study living systems in biology.

Biology courses

Bachelor of Science (Medical Science)

You will learn about the structure and function of the human body and the causes and treatments of disease, equipping you for a career in the latest areas of medical research, medicine, health policy, public health, the private sector or pharmaceutical industries.

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Animal and Veterinary Bioscience)

This degree provides you with an all-inclusive appreciation of the multidisciplinary sciences involved in the veterinary and allied animal science industries, including companion animals and wildlife.

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation)

This unique degree will develop your expertise in wildlife conservation. You will be taught by dedicated researchers and practitioners from two of Australia’s premier institutions – the University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

Bachelor of Veterinary Biology / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Study to become a registered veterinary practitioner with this degree, which will make you a career-ready vet with the skills to work in managing animal health and disease in Australia and around the world. This six-year degree provides both a scientific foundation and specialist veterinary clinical and medical experience.

You can choose a specialist degree, or choose to undertake a biology-related program, major, minor, or electives within your degree. 

Undergraduate courses
Programs, majors and minors

Available in the courses above:

Many of these subjects can be also be taken from the shared pool of majors available to students in many university courses.

Explore more study options in human health and environment and geosciences.

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Choose from an array of exciting projects in biology or biochemistry and microbiology, and delve into detail like you’ve never had the chance to before, as you focus on your year-long research project.

For more information visit the honours page.

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

This degree provides professional education for you to become a dietitian and nutritionist, covering aspects of human nutrition including food science, nutrition science, dietary assessment, medical nutrition, public health, community nutrition and food service management.

Master of Marine Science and Management

In-depth study in marine science and management subjects, plus lots of hands-on experience in incredible aquatic field sites, will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to work in the multidisciplinary field of marine science.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Study to become a registered veterinary practitioner with this degree, which will make you a career-ready vet with the skills to work in managing animal health and disease in Australia and around the world. This four-year degree provides specialist veterinary clinical and medical experience to graduates who have a completed Bachelor degree.

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Research the big questions in biology by doing a research degree, such as a

To find a potential supervisor visit Research Supervisor Connect or learn more about postgraduate research.

What is biology?

Biology holds the key to solving some of the biggest challenges our planet faces.

You can investigate a multitude of life forms from viruses, bacteria and protozoans, to fungi, plants and animals, including us humans.

As you unravel the complexities of how these life forms interact with each other and their abiotic environments, your studies can take you from the laboratory to a rainforest, desert, farm or underwater.

Be astounded and endlessly fascinated by the immense diversity of biology. But more than just being amazed, you’ll be preparing for a career that can take you around the world, solving issues from medical, agricultural, veterinary and environmental challenges, to using your analytical skills in government, journalism, banking or business.

Why study biology with us?

Our courses in biology include hands-on laboratory and field work that’s relevant to your area of study.

We are ranked 23rd in the world for Life Sciences and Medicine.*

Depending on which study areas you choose, you can work in one of our many field sites, including One Tree Island in the Great Barrier Reef and Crommelin Biological Research Station. You can also work with Taronga Zoo staff, facilities and animals; and do research with partners, such as the CSIRO and the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

*QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019.

Where can biology take you?

Our graduates can be found in many settings and roles, including:

  • animal breeding program manager
  • biosecurity scientist
  • biotechnologist
  • ecologist
  • entomologist
  • medical researcher
  • molecular geneticist
  • national parks and wildlife services officer
  • plant biologist 
  • reproductive biologist
  • sustainable agriculturalist