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Mathematics and statistics courses

Develop skills in logical analysis, clear thinking and problem solving
Maths and statistics underpins every part of our world, including science, technology, business, commerce, the environment and human nature. Wherever you go and whatever you do, these skills will be critical to your future success.

Mathematics and statistics courses at Sydney

You can enrol in any two of our maths and statistics majors and programs, or combine them with studies from another discipline.

Specialist courses

  • Bachelor of Science/Master of Mathematical Sciences
    Become a leader in the field of mathematics and statistics. This degree is designed to give you deep training in mathematical sciences and will also assist you if you wish to transition from undergraduate studies to research in mathematical sciences. You can focus on mathematics, statistics, financial mathematics and statistics, or data science.

Undergraduate courses

Programs, majors and minors

Available in the courses above:

See all of our undergraduate courses.


Students may take an honours year in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics and, from 2020, Data Science. In all cases, assessment is by a combination of coursework (~40%) and a project (~60%). While the three divisions offer courses separately, the honours program is flexible and students are encouraged to consult the relevant honours coordinator if they are interested in taking a course from another division. 

For more information on undertaking honours in mathematics and statistics visit the honours page.

Postgraduate coursework

The new Master of Mathematical Sciences degree was designed to give you a thorough internationally competitive training in mathematics. It will also assist you if you wish to transition from undergraduate studies to research in mathematical sciences in the future.

Postgraduate research

In our increasingly technological world the study of mathematics is vital to future developments and discoveries.

To find a potential supervisor visit Research Supervisor Connect or learn more about postgraduate research.

What is mathematics and statistics?

Mathematics and statistics are vital to understanding every part of our world, including science, technology, business, commerce, the environment, and human nature.

No matter which courses you choose, you will develop skills in logical analysis, clear thinking, and problem solving. Wherever you go and whatever you do, these skills will all be critical to your future success.

Studying mathematics and statistics fosters a quantitative, analytical, logical and pattern-sensitive mind. That’s why Careercast found that six of the top ten best jobs of 2018 required mathematics and statistics skills.

Why study mathematics and statistics with us?

Mathematics has been part of the fabric of Sydney since its foundation more than 150 years ago. Now we have thousands of students studying with us each year.

Our new curriculum puts a strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking, which are vital graduate attributes.

Whether you are intending to major in mathematics and statistics, or another field such as music, neuroscience, commerce, or psychology, our degree programs will prepare you to deal with everything from solving practical problems to the most abstract of concepts.

You have the opportunity to apply for a number of internships and industry placements. In addition to our Summer Research Scholarships, there are scholarships available through the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, and internships available with companies in a number of fields.

You can also join the Sydney University Maths Society (also known as ΣUMS or SUMS) – a club for students with an interest in any and all things maths-related. They host a variety of events catered for every kind of maths enthusiast. 

Opportunities for talented students

We offer two exclusive programs to our best students, to provide experience in aspects of recent research.

The Dalyell Scholars Program is a special program of study intended for students of exceptional merit who are enrolled in degrees administered by the Faculty of Science. Entry to the Dalyell program is based on your ATAR. As a Dalyell scholar, you have greater course flexibility, networking opportunities, and an academic mentor from your interest area.

If you love mathematics and you have achieved outstanding results in Mathematics Extension 2, you may be invited to join the Mathematics Special Studies Program. It is a great way to meet other students of similar ability. 

Learn more information about study opportunities, check out our first year handbook (PDF, 332kb).

Maths careers and jobs

Our graduates can be found in many settings and roles, including:

  • business analyst
  • bioinformatician
  • data scientist
  • economic modeller
  • energy forecaster
  • game designer
  • health planner
  • quantitative analyst in banking
  • statistician
  • market analyst
  • meteorologist
  • financial analyst
  • teacher (with further study)
  • researcher
  • web analyst