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International Business

Welcome to the Discipline of International Business. We are a highly regarded group of researchers and teachers in the areas of strategy, entrepreneurship and international business. The group is very diverse with members originating from countries such as Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Philippines, Poland, U.K., and U.S.A. as well as Australia.

The Discipline teaches into coursework programs at both undergraduate and post-graduate level including major contributions to the Master of International Business, Master of Management and Master of Business Administration including the Global Executive MBA. There is also an honours program and a significant number of PhD students. Our graduates can be found in management consulting firms, government and non-government organisations, financial institutions and multinational companies.

The Discipline has an active research program and is home to the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Group (EIRG), the Emerging Markets Internationalisation Research Group (EMIRG) and the Global Governance and Management Research Group. The China Australia Business Research Network is also directed by a Professor from the Discipline.  In the Excellence in Research Australia 2015 assessment the quality of our research in business and management was ranked as "above world standard".  Funding for our research is sourced from the Australian Research Council and from industry partners such as Merck & Co.Inc. and KPMG. Members of the group publish in the leading international refereed journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Ethics, Management International Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Harvard Business Review.

IBUS Staff 2017

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Call for Papers

Special Issue: International Business Review

"Competitive Dynamics and Co-evolution of MNCs and Local Rivals in Emerging Markets"

The topic on multinational corporations (MNCs) and local rivals in emerging markets has attracted strong interests from both academia and industry. Scholarly work in this domain is predominantly focused on either MNCs or local rivals, in isolation of each other. A case in point is the rapidly growing body of research on emerging market MNCs, which have often been studied in isolation of the developed market MNCs that operate in emerging economies. With a few exceptions, (e.g., Mutlu, 2015; Chang & Park, 2012), literature has not paid adequate attention to the competitive dynamics between MNCs and local rivals and the consequent co-evolution of these organizations.

Tentative Dates

  • 31st January, 2017: First submission deadline for SI
  • Summer 2018: Final acceptances

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