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The Accounting major provides capability and credibility across a broad spectrum of careers. It opens the door to many other markets and professions where the ability to understand and interpret financial information is the key capability. Students will be provided with the opportunity to develop strong, technical, analytical and problem solving skills, while keeping abreast of contemporary issues in accounting practice. A feature of the Business School's program is that it takes an analytical perspective of how accounting is practised and how it should be practised. These and other questions are explored in an atmosphere that encourages a sense of enquiry.

Requirements for a major in Accounting

For the award of a major in Accounting, students complete:

(i) three junior prerequisite unit of study (18 credit points), as follows:

  • BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis (OR ECMT1010 Business and Economic Statistics A) +
  • BUSS1030 Accounting, Business and Society
  • ACCT1006 Accounting and Financial Management.

+ The core unit BUSS1020 substitutes for ECMT1010 for students in the Bachelor of Commerce and related combined degrees.

(ii) two compulsory senior units of study (12 credit points), as follows:

  • ACCT2011 Financial Accounting A
  • ACCT2012 Management Accounting A.

(iii) a minimum of 24 credit points in elective senior units of study selected from the following:

  • ACCT3011 Financial Accounting B
  • ACCT3012 Management Accounting B
  • ACCT3013 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT3014 Auditing and Assurance
  • ACCT3031 International Corporate Governance
  • ACCT3032 Current Issues in Management Accounting
  • ACCT3098 Accounting Honours Preparation A (3 credit points)
  • ACCT3099 Accounting Honours Preparation B (3 credit points)
  • BUSS2100 Business Placement A (Internship) #
  • CLAW2201 Corporations Law.

# Students must seek approval from the Discipline of Accounting to include this unit as an elective for their major.

The units ACCT3098 and ACCT3099 are worth three credit points each. If students wish to include these units as part of their major, they would need to complete at least five elective units of study to meet elective requirements. CLAW2201 requires the completion of additional prerequisites outside the prerequisite units listed for this major.

Please check the Business School units of study table in the Undergraduate units of study for details of the unit prerequisites, corequisites and other requirements.

Professional accreditation in Accounting

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce or the combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degree, students may choose to pursue a program of study that would allow them to seek accreditation with CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

See the 'Professional accreditation requirements' entry under the Bachelor of Commerce section in this handbook for further details.