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Business Information Systems

A major in Business Information Systems offers the essential knowledge for relating the most up-to-date information technologies to business and organisational needs with a focus on the emerging strategic role of information systems. The course explores the role of information systems in capturing and distributing organisational knowledge and in enhancing management decision making. Covered in detail are the issues and knowledge relating to business information systems, management and decision support systems, integrated enterprise systems, electronic commerce, business process modelling, knowledge management, IT project management, IT assurance and control, and change agent consulting for the IT industry. Students achieve a high level of skills and critical analysis in project management and practice (MS Project software), ERP systems (SAP R/3), business process modelling skills (ARIS software), design of distributed object systems and computer security.

Requirements for a major in Business Information Systems

For the award of a major in Business Information Systems, students complete:

(i) one junior unit of study (six credit points), as follows:

  • INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation.

(ii) two compulsory senior units of study (12 credit points), as follows:

  • INFS2001 IS for Performance Improvement
  • INFS2020 Business Process Modelling and Improvement.

(iii) a minimum of four senior elective units of study (24 credit points) selected from the following:

  • BUSS2100 Business Placement A (Internship) #
  • INFS2010 People, Information and Knowledge
  • INFS2030 e-Business Management
  • INFS3030 Information Protection and Assurance
  • INFS3040 Enterprise Systems and Integrated Business
  • INFS3050 Business Intelligence for Managers
  • INFS3060 Managing Digital Innovation Projects
  • INFS3070 Business Analysis in Practice
  • INFS3080 Business Information Systems Project.

# Students must seek approval from the Discipline of Business Information Systems to include this unit as an elective for their major.

Please check the Business School unit of study table in the Undergraduate units of study for details of the unit prerequisites, corequisites and other requirements.

Australian Computer Society (ACS) professional accreditation

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce or the related combined degree programs, students may choose to pursue a program of study that would allow them to seek accreditation with the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

See the 'Professional accreditation requirements' entry under the Bachelor of Commerce section in this handbook for further details.