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Commercial Law

The Commercial Law major provides an introduction to commercial law as well as an in depth specialisation in some of its key areas - stock markets and derivatives law, finance and banking, taxation, insolvency, trade practices and consumer law. These specialist units are designed to provide the basis of a professional capability in the area far beyond the general introduction.

Requirements for a major in Commercial Law

For the award of a major in Commercial Law, students complete:

(i) one junior unit of study (six credit points), as follows:

  • CLAW1001 Foundations of Business Law.

(ii) a minimum of six senior elective units of study (36 credit points) selected from the following:

  • BUSS2100 Business Placement A (Internship)#
  • CLAW2201 Corporations Law
  • CLAW2202 Business Failure and Restructuring
  • CLAW2203 Regulation of Capital Markets
  • CLAW2204 Banking and Finance Law
  • CLAW2205 Competition and Consumer Law
  • CLAW2207 Business, Ethics and the Law
  • CLAW2208 Business Regulation, Risk and Compliance
  • CLAW2209 Intellectual Property for Business
  • CLAW2210 Chinese Tax *
  • CLAW2211 Commercial Practice in China
  • CLAW2212 Franchising
  • CLAW3201 Australian Taxation System
  • CLAW3202 Tax Strategies for Business
  • CLAW3204 Capital Raising and Management
  • CLAW3206 Regulation of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • CLAW3207 Employment Regulation for Business.

# Students must seek approval from the Discipline of Business Law to include this unit as an elective for their major.

* Not offered for 2013.

Please check the Business School unit of study table in the Undergraduate units of study for details of the unit prerequisites, corequisites and other requirements.