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International Business

Studying an International Business major at the University of Sydney Business School will provide you with the knowledge and skills relevant to the development, strategy and management of international business organisations and the institutional context for their development, growth and operation. There will be a strong emphasis throughout the units of study on cultural understanding and comparing how business works in Australia with other countries in the Asian region and beyond. In addition, there is the opportunity to focus on entrepreneurship skills in an international business context.

Requirements for a major in International Business

For the award of a major in International Business, students complete:

(i) one junior unit of study (six credit points), that must be (a) offered by the University of Sydney Business School, OR (b) be part of the Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of International and Global Studies, Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences or Bachelor of International Studies (for students enrolled in these degrees only).#

# Students who do not meet the requirements in (a) or (b) may complete two alternative junior units of study approved by the Chair of the Discipline of International Business.

(ii) four compulsory senior units of study (24 credit points), as follows:

  • IBUS2101 International Business Strategy
  • IBUS2102 Cross-Cultural Management
  • IBUS3101 International Business Alliances
  • IBUS3102 International Risk Management.

(iii) a minimum of two senior elective units of study (12 credit points) selected from the following options:

  • ACCT3031 International Corporate Governance
  • BUSS2100 Business Placement A (Internship) #
  • CLAW2211 Commercial Practice in China
  • ECOP3012 Global Political Economy +
  • ECOP3014 Political Economy of Development +
  • ECOS3006 International Trade +
  • ECOS3007 International Macroeconomics +
  • FINC3011 International Financial Management
  • GOVT2210 International Risk Analysis * +
  • GOVT2221 Politics of International Economic Relations +
  • GOVT2225 International Security in the 21st Century +
  • IBUS3103 Global Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
  • IBUS3104 Ethical International Business Decisions
  • IBUS3107 Business Negotiations
  • MKTG3116 International Marketing
  • USSC2601 US and the World +
  • WORK2217 International Human Resource Management
  • WORK2222 Leadership in Organisations
  • Senior language units of study (2000 and 3000 level) from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (a maximum of two units of study or 12 credit points) +.

# Students must seek approval from the Discipline of International Business to include this unit as an elective for their major.

* Not offered for 2013.

Note: Many of these senior elective options will require the completion of additional prerequisites outside of those units of study listed for this major. Please refer to the relevant faculty handbook for details of unit prerequisites (

+ Please note: All Economics (ECON/ECOS), Government and International Relations (GOVT), US Studies Centre (USSC), Political Economy (ECOP) or language units from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences completed will count towards the non-Business School unit allowances for Business School degrees. The number of units students can complete from another faculty (non-Business School) are restricted (refer to individual degree rules for details). Students enrolled in the combined Commerce and Law program cannot complete any units from outside of the Business School as electives for this major.