The Team

BREAST is a partnership by The University of Sydney and BreastScreen Australia.

Co-Director: Professor Patrick C Brennan
Patrick is a Professor at the Discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences and is the Team Leader of the Medical Image Optimisation and Perception research Group (MIOPeG). His research involves exploring novel technologies and techniques that enhance the detection of clinical indicators of disease, whilst minimising risk to the patient.  His research has involved most major imaging modalities including X-ray, computerised tomography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. He is recognized as a leader in medical imaging optimization and radiological perception.
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Co-Director: Professor Warwick Lee
Warwick is an Adjunct Professor at the Discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, and was the State Radiologist for BreastScreen NSW from 2007-2014. Currently he is the Designated Radiologist at BreastScreen South Western Sydney Local Health District. Warwick is committed to quality assurance as it relates to breast imaging in both the diagnostic and screening environment. He is a member of the Breast Imaging Reference Group of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR), the National Quality Management Committee of BreastScreen Australia and the BreastScreen Australia Accreditation Review Committee.

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Project Manager: Ms Kriscia Tapia
Kriscia joined the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2001. She worked as a program administrator in the Learning & Teaching portfolio where she managed the Graduate Entry Masters programs, and provided executive support to the Associate Deans. She now manages the BREAST project and is persuing a PhD's degree in Applied Science.

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Database and Technical Officer: Ms Phuong Dung (Yun) Trieu
Yun graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy. She became a student in the Discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences and graduated with a Master of Diagnostic Radiography degree in 2012. Yun has been a member of the Medical Image Optimization and Perception research group (MIOPeG) since 2011 and is now a part-time database and technical officer for BREAST. Yun is currently undertaking her PhD at the Faculty of Health Sciences.




The BREAST Access and Management Committee (BAMC)

The Committee is responsible for decision making, strategy setting, determining access and adhering to the scheduled funding agreement(s) and deliverables of BREAST. The Committee will focus on how BREAST generated data can be optimised in terms of access, reach, and impact upon research and clinical practice in Australia and beyond. Applications for access to BREAST data for will be reviewed and administered by BAMC.

The BAMC is made up of the Co-Directors and Project Manager of BREAST, plus three scientific and three clinical representatives.

The current membership is:

Prof Patrick Brennan
A/Prof Warwick Lee
Ms Kriscia Tapia
Prof John Hopper (University of Melbourne)
A/Prof Claudia Mello-Thoms (University of Sydney)
Dr Carolyn Nickson (University of Melbourne)
Dr Mary Rickard (Sydney Breast Clinic)
Dr Marli Gregory (BreastScreen Aotearoa)
Dr Nalini Bhola (BreastScreen NSW)

Click here for the committee Terms of Reference.