BreastScreen Reader Assessment Strategy

High quality breast imaging and accurate image assessment are critical to the early diagnoses, treatment and management of women with cancer. Mammography is the primary diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer with 800,000 women X-rayed annually in Australia; however, it fails to detect 30% of breast cancers, with many missed cancers being visible on the image. The BreastScreen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST) monitors mistakes, identify reasons for mammographic errors and create innovative solutions to reduce errors.

The BREAST initiative is based on digital screen reading test sets designed to assess the performance of screen-reading radiologists and radiology registrars. The strategy provides immediate feedback to individual readers and BreastScreen Services on their performance on a set of 60 clinically relevant test cases. The feedback is made possible through the BREAST online tool.

BREAST is a resource by which BreastScreen Australia and BreastScreen Aotearoa (New Zealand), with the financial support of the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation and the New Zealand Ministry of Health respectively, may continue to meet their aim of reducing morbidity and mortality from breast cancer via early detection and diagnosis. BREAST significantly enhances the well established quality assurance program of mammography screening in Australia and New Zealand.

We welcome expressions of interest from researchers and clinicians interested in collaborations with BREAST as a training tool and resource for research. Please Contact Us.

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