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The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, The University of Sydney hosted the ASEAN Forum in 2016 with representatives from the Thai, Philippines and Indonesian consulates in order to build stronger ties between Australia and neighbouring countries.

About us

HealthGov is a network of international researchers, health professionals, regulators and policy makers. It provides a forum for discussion, promotion and collaboration on research in health governance. It is part of the ARC Governance Research Network, GovNet.

Formerly known as the medical regulation research network, HealthGov was renamed at the National Medical Governance Workshop organised by GovNet in Canberra in July 2007. The new name reflected a desire to broaden research efforts to include all the health professions. Participants included: Professor Charles Sampford, Professor Howard Adelman, and Professor Stephanie Short from GovNet; Andrew Dix, Registrar/CEO of the NSW Medical Board; Dr Robyn Iredale, ANU; Dr Rick McLean, Principal Medical Adviser, Australian Department of Health and Ageing; Mr Keith Masnick and Dr David Thomas from UNSW; and Helen Turnbull from United Medical Protection (Avant). Research on an Australian-Indonesian project on capacity building and knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of medical regulation, discussed at the workshop, has now been successfully completed with support from AusAID.

In 2009 HealthGov was moved to the University of Sydney, with the convenor, Professor Stephanie Short, who oversees HealthGov initiatives and activities.

This network provides:

  • collaborative research across several disciplines;
  • facilitating the internationalisation of research and international linkages;
  • improving techniques of research design and management;
    providing opportunities to network with other governance researchers and practitioners;
  • improving communication of results to wide audiences; and
  • strengthening this research area and enhancing future viability.

In 2010, HealthGov received financial support through the following:

We are grateful to our members for their contributions, support, shared knowledge and expertise. For a complete list of HealthGov members, please see "Our people".

We welcome expressions of interest from people whose work, teaching or research is either directly or indirectly related to Health Governance, who might wish to be involved within this research network by email: