Masters of Surgery Program

SOuRCe continued to contribute to the Masters of Surgery Program at the University of Sydney. This Masters degree by dissertation and coursework is available to surgeons who wish to develop their academic and research skills. Candidates can study either full or part time. SOuRCe has developed the curriculum and delivered the following two course work subjects

Development and measurement of surgical health outcomes:
Part 1: Theory (6 credit points, compulsory)

This module will introduce students to sources of bias in surgical research, study designs for surgical effectiveness research, RCTs and problems with surgical RCTs, development and evaluation of outcome measures, cost effectiveness analysis, evaluation of screening and diagnostic tests and systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Development and measurement of surgical health outcomes:
Part 2: Application to surgical research (6 credit points, elective)

Throughout this course, students will develop their own grant application for submission to a peer-reviewed funding agency such as the NHMRC. Each week, the course will focus on a different aspect of grant development, such as the aims and hypothesis, primary and secondary endpoints, study design, recruitment and follow up and statistical analyses and sample size calculation.

SOuRCe directors also contribute to teaching in the Masters of Public Health, Masters of Clinical Epidemiology and Graduate Medical Programs at the University of Sydney.