International collaboration in real-time tumour tracking

Current status

International collaboration
  • International collaboration: Åarhus, BWH, Rigshospitalet, Stanford, VCU
  • DMLC tracking integrated with nine real-time positioning systems including four products (Calypso, Micropos, RPM, Brainlab optical).
    Most relevant to PPG is combined optical+kV x-ray integration (S 0.4mm, s 1mm experimentally)
  • Works with IMRT, RapidArc
  • Three pigs treated in Denmark using clinical workflow with EPID-based marker tracking of stent in lung
  • Clinical implementation of DMLC tracking for conformal prostate patients with EPID-based marker segmentation under development at RPA hospital: interest at other sites
  • Poulsen-type 2D-3D real-time positioning method with OBI for RapidArc prostate patients (gated output) under development at RNSH hospital: used for online (not real-time) guidance in Århus
    Successful completion of two clinical studies above would lead to more tumor sites and guidance methods
  • Tumor rotation (with PPG data) and deformation development ongoing