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Annual Research Showcase

Growing sustainable communities globally
In today’s social climate, establishing sustainable agricultural practices around the world is pertinent to humanity’s survival. With rapid population growth, increasing undernourishment and sprawling poverty in some of the world’s poorest nations a collaborative response is required to sprout a solution.

Agriculture not only addresses food and nutrition security concerns, it also offers financial security in developing countries where families rely on farming as their source of livelihood. Despite these communities being most reliant on agriculture, many do not have access to training, structures and support systems to enhance productivity and yield.
In order to improve global conditions, resources need to be invested into rural communities to help them grow and develop so that we can combat poverty and sow the seeds for a better future.
This requires investigation into the techniques used to raise plants and animals productively while considering economic, social and environmental factors to ensure realistic change is implemented by small-scale food producers. 
The Sydney Institute of Agriculture Development Agriculture Research Symposium will discuss the tremendous technical advancements that have been applied throughout the 20th century to drive sustainable agriculture as well as the persisting issues facing agriculture in developing economies.
The symposium will focus on the interdisciplinary approaches needed to overcome these difficult challenges to ensure we improve the availability, quality and profitability of food production across the world. Researchers from the Sydney Institute of Agriculture will also highlight case studies which apply novel approaches to agriculture and give hope for a sustainable future.

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Growing sustainable communities globally

Annual Research Showcase

Friday 06 July 2018
8.30am - 5.00pm
Abercrombie Business School, Lecture Theatre 1040
Free, registration required
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